Confidence Is Sexy

Confidence Is Sexy

Newest Housewife and "lifestyle expert" Sonja Morgan talks sex, relationships, and creating a stir!


Hello Bravo watchers! This is my first blog so let's get to it.

Firstly, dating/networking/flirting and sex are two different things! So if you see me out at a movie or dinner with a fine man, or hear me say I enjoy the company of men, don't assume we are more than friends (even if I am an incorrigible flirting drama queen who likes to get a rise!) Excuse the pun.

I have made a living for myself from my networking by endorsing restaurants, resorts, artists, films, assorted venture capital deals, because some people say I have good taste and know how to live. Hence the title "lifestyle expert." I guess gardening, charity work, good food, wine, yoga and animals just aren't as sensational for reality television. Come on folks! What am I the Lily von Schtupp of Blazing Saddles for the RHNYC? I guess I will just have to wear that lampshade because as long as my mouth runs on tape there will always be great edits to create a stir.

So episode 8, season 3.

How funny was the scene with Jill's dog, Ginger? Everyone out there in this kind of situation needs to have a bottle of Nature's Miracle. (Red and white bottle) I don't know how I lived without it and have had a slew of dogs, cats, horses, and other animal mishaps. It neutralizes odors, and removes yellow stains. Perfume will not. It's also amazing on baby stains. I will leave that up to your imagination.

Ramona was spot on with her daughter in trusting her to make the right decisions at this point. She has given Avery the upbringing to support that. I also thought Avery's hair was incredibly chic.

I felt LuAnn's pain. If I ever lose my townhouse I will be crushed. It's our main home and where my daughter feels secure. Divorce and moving are on the top ten stress list. However, LuAnn is handling it with class, and her sprawling Hampton place IS her family's main home, and that IS divine. She will have a ball decorating her new NY place and hopefully LuAnn will ask for my help. I adore creating a wonderful environment for people who have an aesthetic sense along with wholesome family values.


I love seeing everyone in Jill's bed. Everyone ends up in my bed too. And I mean.... family, friends, pets! You see how I put my foot in my mouth? Can't blame that one on the producer's edits!

I really enjoyed my dinner with Kelly and LuAnn. Kelly so deserves to be in love and married again with more kidlets. I want to be married again too! Funny how she says Max is just nice, not that nice. She said he was amazing over and over in some clips I saw online last season. Max is more than nice.

Max was my Friday then Thursday night date (beach weekends) and I would not miss it for the world. He is beautiful inside and out, charming, smart, plays polo, tennis, believes in God, is worldly, has impeccable manners and knows how to make a woman feel special. I didn't have any illusions about my future with Max and he understood our time together would be completely separate from my young daughters. It had to be that way with our busy and distinctly different schedules and goals. Also I wanted to keep Max for myself! Not stick him out there like an appetizer in front of the group I run with. It lasted 'til it was time for us to move on. I will always cherish those memories and we remain good friends who are there for each other. Kelly doesn't seem to want to talk about Max like girlfriends do sometimes, so it's not my business. I would never ask Max about Kelly. So there we are!

I like when Kelly said, "I will wear what I want because I can!" She got that right. Confidence is sexy.

I was happy to see Alex hasn't planted the garden in front of her townhouse yet. I would love to help if she wants. Because that's what I do! It's a way for me be creative and to share with others in a meaningful way.

Why hurt LuAnn? Divorce is no joke and is painful for whatever reason it breaks down. Just say you're sorry, Mario. It can't be intentional, so let it go. No?


Bethenny never looked more beautiful or happier than the night of Kelly's event when she showed her engagement ring and announced her engagement. I remember how I felt when I had found the man I would marry, and I am so happy for her.

Why did Jill make such a distasteful comment about me to Coerte Felske, my friend of over 20 years? He knows I'm a flirt and exercise good taste when choosing a man to spend time with. It must have been a bad edit? Or maybe it's just one of those jokes that fell flat. Happens to the best of us. Quite to the contrary, Jill has only been courteous with me. I have heard through mutual acquaintances that Bobby and Jonathan speak highly of me. I also find Ally very respectful. Besides, Jill doesn't know me well enough to have any anger towards me.

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