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Emotionally Spent

Sonja talks Jill's surprise entrance, recovering from vacation, and her charity event!

By Sonja Morgan


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Hello Viewers!

Boy, things are coming to a boil! I could really use a Chicken Parm with extra cheese today. Right out of the toaster oven. Yesterday we filmed the reunion. Holy sweat box! Nine hours of hot lamps and hot topics. I thought Andy Cohen would run around in his boxers after they finished shooting.

OK, Episode 13. What did the cat drag in at breakfast? Four left over shells of women who usually lap up the drama. We had met our match. We were emotionally exhausted and it shows on our faces. No one slept the night before with what had transpired. Everyone locked their doors, including Kelly! Ramona offered me to sleep with her, but I don't wake as early as Ramona, so opted to sleep alone.

So I arranged badly needed manicures, pedicures, and massages together. We really deserved them. We were taping a lot and that is tiring, believe this old lady. Especially for the newbie! I want to be natural, give my best, but at the same time keep up with the drama. Yikes!

Finally after discovering Kelly has left, and we can relax, in walks Jill. Nothing against Jill, except I knew Bethenny didn't want to deal with this confrontation. Alex was upset with Jill as well, and Ramona as a hostess was strapped at this point! Ramona did harbor resentment towards Jill already since she wouldn't come for the full trip. As you know, Ramona felt Jill didn't want to come because it wasn't Jill's trip.



Ramona doesn't like surprises and what adult does? I said to Jill, this is not a 6 year old's birthday party where you show up and say, "Surprise! I am all the sudden over the mumps so I came!" We all left our families and lives behind to go on the trip to support Ramona and to bond. We had the turmoil with Kelly and then we're supposed to believe that Jill thought she could just show up to this Mexican stand off and "there would be peace and everybody would be happy"? If Jill wanted to make a splash, she sure did. I felt her pain and felt very sorry for her, though I was glad she left. I say this selfishly, of course. I really wanted to relax for a second! LuAnn's premonition to Jill turned out to be right.

Bethenny, Ramona, Alex and I had a wonderful time bonding after the Jill and Kelly episodes were over. Honestly, for reality TV I think some of the things that come out of our mouths is ridiculous enough, or funny enough to make the audience spit their wine out with a belly laugh. That includes what came out of Ramona's mouth when she choked on her fishbone. How scary was that? I really do imagine the worse, so when it happens I am ready. I was happy when Bethenny opened the conversation with some lighthearted sex talk. I thought Ramona was going to die, and Alex rolled with it, though she may have been uncomfortable. When we got to the handcuffs, Ramona really showed what a prude she is. I always wonder if Kelly is really the wild one since she protests the loudest!

Ramona and I went to FIT so we enjoyed making the toilet paper dresses. We consider ourselves fashionistas and really had a good time.

Kelly continued to be misunderstood by the ladies. As a group we were dumbfounded and just wanted to know WHY? Kelly, WHY? Welcome to 2010 - a one night stand does not a H#@$G make. I do, however, respect her decision to not have them.

LuAnn wanted to know if her name came up on vacation and it didn't. There really wasn't any gossiping about the others. There was no "bullying." We were trying to enjoy the beautiful surroundings while taping. Already a daunting task.



My charity event for Blerancourt was beautiful with an impressive turnout. The Cipriani family was so nice and generous to donate the army of servers, food, wine, and champagne! Thank you Sergio Vacca for coming to make sure everything went perfectly.

Only 15 minutes into the party, Housewives drama began to unfold upstairs. I wanted to make it clear to LuAnn that we were not picking on Kelly. I told the girls I had to go downstairs to the guests. We made sure the guests had drinks and then asked them shortly thereafter to bid on pricey paintings! We sold several Brian Farrell paintings before, during, and after the art show and part of the proceeds went to our organization. Check out Brian's art at Blerancourt is the Anne Morgan Chateau turned Franco-American museum outside Paris. Anne Morgan was an amazing, trailblazing lady. She had a driving license when most women didn't and she summoned her other privileged girlfriends together to deliver food, medical supplies, shoes, kitchen utensils, rabbits, all to help the French soldiers when the Germans attacked the region of Picardy in France. Her goal along with 350 women volunteers was to rebuild homes and communities that were bombed to the ground. Check out our website at

One of the most spectacular moments of the evening (other then the ladies bickering in my dining room) was Met opera singer Jeffrey Mattsey and pianist Michael Benchman's live performance of Figaro. Talent and services were donated thanks to Ubiquite Productions & Steinway. Thank you to all.



You can see the Anne Morgan exhibit with original photographs and film of her work in Picardy following WWI at the Morgan Library & Museum from Sept. 3 to Nov 21, 2010.

Oh my! When Jill fell skating it made me think of the Paris Hilton scene where she takes off and immediately falls off her vespa in front of the paparazzi. Jill's a good sport and I would love to skate with her sometime. I adored her outfit and would love to wear the same if someone let me.

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Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend, and duck for cover if you see the Housewives.

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