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Stay Real

Sonja talks lost footage, plastic surgery for a "hawt bawdy," and wishes fans a great summer!

By Sonja Morgan


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Dear Bravo Viewers,
I don't care how much I sweat, I am never doing that operation to kill the sweat glands. I have to find out if Ramona went back and did the other armpit. On second thought, of course she did, it was a walk in the park for the two of them! I thought I would pass out. I can't believe this woman, Dr. Sharon Giese can do armpit surgery all day long. I was very impressed with her thorough suction or zapping skills, or whatever it was that she was doing. I couldn't focus on what she was saying and all I could think is I need to vacuum my house. Ramona was so brave, but she didn't see what I saw. Excuse me ... I need another juice box, or a jelly bean, or a gummy bear.

It was weird because Kelly opened the conversation about having a man over for drinks and then I suggested the side door because you don't want your children to be confused with a new gentleman caller, but then she was flustered. I could tell she didn't have girls over for drinks often because first she opened wine, and then before we had finished that glass and our (?) ... jelly beans, she opened a bottle of champagne. Nevertheless, I just wanted her to be comfortable, so I gladly accepted both. She really did seem to want to discuss dating and men, after all we are three single women of a certain age. Anyhow, this is when we had dinner at Pierre's in Bridgehampton and I blew the lid off the night with "Sex is healthy, even after divorce." (Whoa - news flash!) LuAnn said Italian men were fun to date but not to marry! On that same night Kelly paid me the highest compliment because she said I was exactly the kind of girl her ex-husband would love. That was sweet and generous of her to say, so we were off to a good start. I continued being giddy with the girls when I brought up Max who I had dated for some time before Kelly stepped out with him on camera. He's hot, and he knows how to make a woman feel beautiful, so I was dying to share the afterglow with Kelly. However, Kelly wasn't biting. So I had to drop it. Darn! Such a good topic - tall, dark, handsome, Argentinian with education and manners. "You gotta hawt bawdy" boy.

Kelly came over as a friend after my surgery, if you can even call it that since it was such a small procedure. Excuse me folks I DO exercise! Why did she say that? Did she say that? I certainly am NOT lazy. I am ACTIVE. I guess everyone across American knows that by now. :) All kidding aside, at a certain point some body areas are exercise resistant. So I decided to have the donut removed like many health and beauty fanatics do. I like a full bust and a soft derriere but don't like my tummy hanging over my jeans! I am a health nut who juices daily, takes vitamins, stays active, works out, does yoga, goes to sweat lodges, eats healthy and reads up on nutrition and spirituality. And...YES, I wanted the area around my gorgeous belly button GONE! Did I really need to do it? No, but it's my body and I will do with it what I want, and no apologies. I love my body! I cherish it. When my daughter is old enough to make these kinds of adult decisions, and has the tools she needs to make wise choices for herself, she will decide what is most important to her. No one else.



I loved Kelly's gift. I do cleanses twice a year. I usually use the brand Colonix or just good old ground flaxseed or pshyllium. I also juice fast. I was LMAO when she pronounced liposuction two different ways and then said I am on her planet with the painkillers! She can be fun when she wants, and it is so easy for me to shock her. So even better. She sooo didn't get my compression garment quip about access. Hopefully someone out there got a chuckle out of it.

Bottom line, I have to be happy with myself first in order to make others happy and to take care of those I love. Now, having said that, everyone has the right to be happy with their body just the way it is. It depends on the individual. So go ahead and get that third Masters degree you don't need if it makes you happy! As Frank Sinatra said, "Whatever gets you through the night."

Whatever Alex's stylist is doing? It's working.

Oh my, nothing like seasoned mothers scaring the expecting mother. I thought Bethenny was going to lose it when Ramona and Alex were going on and on. Especially when Ramona said she got so big while pregnant that Mario wouldn't go near her! I thought skinny girl was going to pass out. She and Jason just fell in love and now this news? I read a lot of "how to" books during my pregnancy. I didn't trust the housewife tales of pregnancy. Honestly, after I delivered my little one, all the bad memories left me. I guess nature does that so you are willing to do it again. FYI - I read "how to" books on every subject from decorating, entertaining, raising a puppy, etc.

Ramona looked great modeling at the atelier's salon, so I am surprised how she came off at the actual show. That scene is priceless and I think we are all grateful for it. My mom never gets tired of watching it! We have all been in a moment where we are mortified and it's just wonderful to know we are not alone.



Why was Ramona's friend surprised that Alex was modeling in the fashion show? She IS a well-known public figure and has a wonderful runway walk. Why shouldn't she?

At the Reunion, Ramona said she went out of her way to make Kelly comfortable and the clip with them at the gym is the proof in the pudding. Kelly is really energetic in the morning, even more than Ramona! She goes on and on, and Ramona doesn't drop a bomb on her and hurt her feelings. She is very patient with her, and definitely shows the new, sensitive Ramona.

Cheers to Bethenny for supporting PETA and getting naked. We all like that, even the gays, as the PETA boy said.

A good hostess knows that the seating arrangement or as they say in France the "placement" is critical to the ambiance of a social occasion. Ramona was getting stressed because Kelly and Jill asked to change their seats. Imagine if all the guests requested new seats? I have lost it in that same situation. There was a couple I invited to some of the most fabulous dinners and parties I have had, and the husband would complain about his seat! The nerve. Not gracious at all and it makes the hostess uncomfortable with unneeded pressure while she is trying to serve the collective group.

Be gracious and trust your hostess, after all she is the one that knows everyone she invited. She is the straw that stirs the drink! Usually insecure or selfish guests worry where they will be seated. Guests are expected to bring something to the party other than complaints. Try charm? In the case of Jill and Kelly, they pointed out to Ramona that she moved her seat at Saks, so they assumed it would be OK for them. But Ramona has a mind like a steel trap and says, "No, you said we could sit anywhere we liked, I did not!" Well, she cleared that up! Jill understood completely at that point.

Ramona is cool - she can dish it out, but she can take it too! I know I can make a joke that she is called "crazy eyes," because she is so smart that her brain is pushing on her eyes when she is thinking so hard. She is secure with who she is and knows I mean well. She rolls with it! She doesn't have to snap back with some mean comment. Her attitude is appreciated because it gives me creative license and allows me be me without worries.


Everyone Ramona invited to her event came. She may not be your cup of tea, but she has real friends. I was impressed that she talked about her two charities. Helping battered women has to be at the top of her list after her experience. She was brave to share her story.

Regarding speakerphones, one always announces exactly who is in the room on the call or it is a breach of privacy. Not even a discussion.

Take a look at my chicken parm recipe for the toaster oven. It's the first video of a series: Sonja's simple style which is cheap and cheerful!'s Lindsay DiMatteo did it for me with a FLIP video camera!

Enjoy your summer, and stay real to yourself. You can't please everyone all the time, but you can have their respect for being yourself.

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