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Saving the Best for Last

Teresa talks Bethenny and Jill's awkward hug, LuAnn's classy answers, and Kelly's Scary Island excuses.

By Teresa Giudice


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Hello Sweethearts!

Well, they definitely saved the best Real Housewives of New York for last. I was glued to the third part of the Reunion show. The first one gave me a headache. The second one made me sad. The third part was amazing. We learned so much! Finally, secrets were revealed! Let's dig in.

LuAnn actually won me over in the Reunion. I like her, but she is caught on camera in her least classy moments. (Aren’t we all?) I thought she handled herself with an enormous amount of grace, especially when she was asked to explain her extramarital activities. She said, "I don’t owe anyone an explanation." Thank you, thank you, thank you very much! It IS enough that she lives her private life on camera for our enjoyment. She doesn’t have to justify every little thing.

Best line of the entire show was from a Bravo Mobile fan who wrote in: "That Court dude looks like someone who would lick your face when you’re sleeping." LMAO. (Followed by Jill talking about Alex and an eagle, but you're going to have to watch that clip for yourself. There are kids here.)

Who knew Ramona was psychic? Or did we know that? I feel like she might have said that before, and I was shocked then too, but I forgot. Clearly, I’m not psychic. But Ramona said she got a premonition that Jill was coming Scary Island. It was very funny when Sonja was trying to defend Ramona kicking Jill off Scary Island by saying, "She did get up from her pedicure..."

We also learned that Kelly didn’t just leave Scary Island, but was "escorted" home by a producer. Jill started having an Alex attack just remembering her five minutes on Scary Island. It was like the Perfect Storm of reality TV. I don’t think any of us that weren’t there will ever know what really happened.

It was a continuation of the Jill Apology Tour. I have to say, she faced a firing squad from Andy’s questions, viewer emails and the other ladies during all three parts. I don’t think I could have sat through it as well as she did. I tried keeping track of how many times she took the blame, said she was sorry, and looked miserable, but there were too many to count. I think it’s enough. Can we all agree that the Flogging of Jill of over? Even Bethenny asked for them to stop "crucifying" Jill.

The best part of all though was Kelly. She admitted she’s a total contradiction who doesn’t listen to herself. Fine. She said she changes every day, that she’s "ever evolving." That's cool. Then she said that unpredictable people are dangerous and that's why she's scared of the other women. Um, what???


But then she explained everything. Kelly's used to being quiet with her kids, and when there is too much "chatter," she "turns the volume down." When she tunes back in, sometimes she’s too late and her comment doesn’t make sense. She admitted that at the Reunion, she had everyone tuned down to "a two." It all makes sense now, doesn’t it? I was know I was relieved, although it looked like Bethenny's head was going to explode every time Kelly talked. I think Bethenny has Kelly turned down to a one.

At the end, it was sad when Andy said that in season one Jill and Bethenny were like Laverne and Shirley and over the past 14 weeks, we watched their friendship totally disintegrate. It’s sad, but I do really think after seeing Bethenny refuse to get up to hug Jill that it really is over. Done. We all need to move on. At least until next week's Lost Footage episode ...

I’ve enjoyed meeting so many of you at my book signings. I’ll be appearing around the country throughout the summer for Skinny Italian. Check my website and stop by. I’d love to see you! And thank you all again, you fabulous, sexy cooks, for making Skinny Italian a New York Times bestseller for four straight weeks. I’m so honored you love my family’s recipes and are sharing them with yours.

Baci, Teresa

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