Team Torn

Team Torn

Teresa's not sure who to believe in the feud between Bethenny and Jill.


This week, I threw my “Team Jill” t-shirt in the trash. I’m just kidding. I never had an actual t-shirt. But Jill was not a nice girl this week, was she?

First of all, there’s the difference between how she and Bethenny acted on their big phone call. Bethenny was devastated. Bethenny was crying. Jill was mean, rolling her eyes, and clearly over it. We don’t know how much Jill had to put up with that day, or with Bethenny in general, but from where I sat, I felt bad for Bethenny.

Even though Bethenny said in interviews that she wanted to fix things with Jill, she could have been saying that after the fact just to make herself look better. But that's ignoring the fact that Bethenny did call Jill. And it was not cool when Jill didn’t ‘fess up and tell Bethenny that LuAnn was in the room listening to the call (second time this season…). It made Jill look mean and petty.

Even though the Jill-Bethenny feud is all over the news now, it wasn’t when the season started airing. And you can tell that it really took Bethenny by surprise. True, she reaps what she sows when it comes to bad mouthing her “friends,” but it’s a huge leap to go from having a fight with people you know and the entire thing being printed in the newspaper. Do I think Jill’s “fingerprints” were all over the story? Maybe. I agree with Ramona when she told Bethenny that she’s a “press monger,” but I think it applies to the whole New York cast. They love to call the press on themselves. (Although the other girls were just partying with him, Bethenny called Perez Hilton a “termite.” Now he’s going to torment her even more.)


The Jill and Bethenny phone call revealed a lot of new things, mostly Bethenny claiming she didn’t know Bobby was so sick. If she did know, she should have called. No excuse not to, I don’t care where you are. She was traveling a lot for her book, and looking at Jill’s summer party blog, she claims she had no idea. Is it possible she really didn’t know? Where were the other Housewives? No one mentioned Bobby’s cancer to her? It’s starting to feel like Jill was keeping it a secret on purpose…

Jill sending the email to Kelly about not being friends with Bethenny was pretty out of control. If she was upset or insecure about Kelly’s friendship, it seems like she could have just called Kelly on the phone. Sending a email that started with “a little birdie told me…” is not even high school, it’s grade school.

I still think Ramona is a big train wreck, but at least we have a reason why: her dad abused her mom in front of her. When her husband Mario called her a “control freak,” it all made sense. Kids that grow up in crazy households and don’t have any control over their lives grow up to be control freaks. That’s exactly what happened to Ramona. Considering the other horrible things she could have grown up to become, I guess she did OK for herself. She does have a wonderful marriage to Mario, a beautiful daughter, and a great business. I think her friends know what she’s like and they take it for better or worse. PS—Am I the only one who thinks Ramona’s friend Joni looks just like Samantha’s lesbian lover Maria from Sex and the City?

Finally, a big “congrats” to Bethenny for tying the knot. I am SOOO happy she got married before she had her baby. It was the right thing to do.

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