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Why All the Bickering?

Real Housewife of OC Vicki Gunvalson gives her take on the real NYC drama.


I thought it would be fun to would write in as a viewer on the NYC housewives blog which is such a nice change for me versus writing as a current cast member. Hope all my OC fans are still tuning in and enjoying the new season with New York. Stay tuned to my blogs, as I'll try and write each and every week from now on. I have had the opportunity to meet all the Housewives of NYC, so it's definitely fun to see their "story' unfold on TV as well as in real life.

To me, it's very obvious that Jill misses Bethenny, but is extremely hurt by Bethenny. Jill probably had to do what she felt was right to protect herself from any more hurt. Jill realizes it's not good to hang on to bad energy, as it's not healthy! I actually know how Jill feels, as this has happened to me all during the season of our show. Jill has a way of telling you how she feels, which is ironically the same way that I am. I have a lot of respect for Jill and hate to see her in the middle of so many uncomfortable situations. It's definitely toxic and hard to watch. I just wish that girls could get along. We really need and depend upon each other so why all the bickering all the time?

I have to wonder, why didn’t Bethenny ever apologize to Bobby or Jill for not being there during Bobby's cancer treatments? Isn't that what friends are for? If it was important to Bethenny to have Jill as a friend, she should have done everything in her power to make amends.

Bethenny's one liners are funny, but sometime I feel they are also very harsh and rude. I think once you see yourself on camera and how you act, you definitely learn from it and hopefully try to improve yourself. I hope Bethenny will do the same.


Ramona seems very confrontational this season, which is different from last year. Although I know that the camera and editing only capture a small portion of our "real lives," it is still hard to see her so harsh to everyone. Her eyes popping out all the time scare me.

Out of all the Housewives, I can relate to Jill the most. Her personality seems a lot like mine. I love Jill and Bobby and can't wait to see Jill in a few weeks as she will be visiting California towards the end of April and we will be doing a book signing tour together in Southern California. The East Coast meets the West Coast! How fun will that be? Stay tuned for more information on that.

I was able to meet Kelly last year at the Fred Segal event and it was fun talking to her. She seems very sweet and beautiful. Being asked to appear in Playboy I'm sure in an honor at her age, I just don't know how her children are going to be able to handle the backlash in school with their peers. I personally wouldn't do it, but then again I don't look like Kelly! It's ironic, because my husband Donn and Kelly are both from Rockford, IL so we have that in common. Her parents are members of the same Country Club that Donn's sister is. Small world, huh?

I'll be busy this weekend in Las Vegas at my book signing event at The Stack Restaurant in the Mirage on 3/28 which will be so much fun. If you're in Vegas this weekend be sure to stop by and get a copy of my book "More Than a Housewife" or order it online.

Have a good week everyone. It's my birthday on Saturday! Do I hear a Woo Hoo?

Vicki Gunvalson

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