With Friends Like These...

With Friends Like These...

Mario Singer comes clean about his "countless" comment that sparked his feud with LuAnn.

When Ramona and I first started this adventure we thought it would be a fun idea and an interesting experience to do a reality TV show. It never occurred to us that we would be doing a third season and having so many people tuning in the see the drama unfold in the Big Apple.  Thank you for your support and good wishes.

The ladies really go at it this year and no one is safe. Who would have thought my comment about LuAnn’s recent events was going to cause such a feud? First, let me set the record straight: I was with some friends at Polo in the Hamptons when they spotted LuAnn nearby. I remarked to them that “the Countess is now Countless. I could have said that LuAnn was getting a divorce but we all know how important the “Countess” title is to LuAnn. Besides it was a play on words, it was not meant in a malicious way.  A lot worse had been written in the New York press when the news had come out. In any case she overheard me as I did not say it “under my breath.” If LuAnn was so upset about it, why did she just not come up to me right there and say so? I’ve never seen her at a loss for words or not speak her mind. Instead she chose to wait several weeks and rain on Ramona’s day on the yacht. Why attack Ramona? If she has a problem she should come to me directly to discuss it. As you see in the episode LuAnn was invited to our home for a luncheon and she could have used that opportunity to “get if off her chest” by speaking to me directly. As Ramona said her behavior was classless.  ou do not go to a party as an invited guest and then start bashing the host’s husband. I think LuAnn should reread her etiquette book.

Bethenny really showed that like the book, the emperor has no clothes, meaning she took down LuAnn’s façade. LuAnn can deny all she wants about her transgressions but the truth is the truth. My hat's off to Bethenny for telling it like it is.

I wish LuAnn all the best in her new single life. Just try being yourself. The Countess role is getting tired.

Jill of course cannot stay out of the argument and takes her shots at Ramona as well. What really surprised me is that one minute she is complementing Ramona on how great she looks and then in her interview she criticizes Ramona for wearing a two-piece bathing suit and should cover herself up. With “friends” like LuAnn and Jill who needs enemies? The two of them are such downers and cannot be happy for Ramona who is in a good place about her life. Jill even calls Ramona cheap? Is that what you say about the person who invited you for the day on a beautiful yacht? Ramona chose the wrong girls and should have invited Bethenny instead. She is not two-faced and, like Ramona, tells it like it is.

It seems like  now the underdog moniker has changed and been passed on to LuAnn so Jill has a new project to work on. With this being only the first episode the storylines will make for interesting viewing. I look forward to seeing how things turn out. It should be a wild ride. I can’t wait to meet Batman.

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