Men Behaving Badly

Men Behaving Badly

Cindy discusses her Vajewel party and meeting Mr. Right.

I should've known mixing business and pleasure would blow up in my face when I invited the ladies and Simon to my completely bare Vajewel Party. This was a major launch for me, introducing editors and beauty industry insiders to my new completely bare home waxing kits, and I was already anxious enough without Simon adding extra stress by confronting Jill.

Husbands like him make me happy I don’t have to babysit a badly behaved man. Honestly, threatening your wife’s friends on Twitter, how childish can you get? It was such a relief when Simon and Alex left and we could all focus on the reason we were there -- celebrating completely bare!

Ramona was being pushy and giving unsolicited advice as usual, this time about dating. I mean, I'd love to meet Mr. Right, what single girl wouldn't? But I'd rather take care of my babies and run my business myself than marry a man who acts like a teenage girl and causes drama. Ahem, you know who you are boys.

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