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Mountains of Molehills

Cindy addresses the Ramona situation, and discusses how to properly host a "frenemy."

By Cindy Barshop

As you saw this week, I literally opened the door to townhouse or should I say I opened the door to the flood gates. . .

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Being a new Housewife, this was one of the first parties I attended with the ladies and to say the least, I was appalled.

I understand that there will always be confrontation, but really? What you did not see was how Sonja explained how Alex personally attacked her in her own town house, hence why she kicked her out. What I didn't know was that Sonja approached Alex about the wedding march. . .

Here is my rule for being the hostess with the mostest: when you are inviting, let's say a frenemy over, keep it casual and always create a welcoming environment for everyone -- that's part of your job being the hostess. You're not inviting your friends to a wrestling match but rather an elegant cocktail party -- and it should be treated as such. So leave those boxing gloves at home.

So. . .now on to my thoughts on the painting. If you can't figure out what I was trying to say. I personally thought Sonja was much prettier than the painting. Not quite sure how I came up with my remark about whether I was sleeping with a painter.

Almost forgot! yes, yes, yes. . .Ramona and the cigar. I don't know what it is but she is probably the only person that I ever met that does not like my brother. So let me sort this out -- pay attention, or you will get TOTALLY LOST! Here goes: Carol, who was Howie's girlfriend at the time of the wedding, was previously engaged to Ramona's friend Jeff. Jeff unfortunately passed away while Carol was with him. Carol gave Howie one of Jeff's cigars because one of Howie’s hobbies is restoring vintage cigars. Howie was smoking it at Sunset Beach, and while passing Ramona she joked about how the cigar was flaking. Ramona and Howie were never in an in-depth conversation and Howie, out of respect for Jeff, let her know that it was Jeff's in an effort to stop her from poking fun. I know, I know. . .what the hell is the drama over this? Well, here it is Ramontional causing a mountain out of molehill or as she likes to say HOMILL???

To be continued. . .

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