Not a Mean Bone

Not a Mean Bone

Cindy laments the ladies’ cruel behavior and addresses the proper way to borrow some coat hangers.

What happens in New York, comes to Morocco. . .

First off, I want to thank LuAnn for inviting me for an interesting getaway to Morocco. LuAnn was the ultimate hostess who had special reservations at a luxurious castle and had a full staff tending to us. It should have been a great getaway where everything was impeccable. I was so happy to have a day to myself before the others arrived!

Then enter, Ramona and Sonja, with the same attitude and cold shoulders as I last left them with back in NYC. How could they sweat the small stuff, when we are all so lucky to have been present in this gorgeous country and culture. We greeted them and waited to share a beautiful sit-down lunch -- until they all did not have the decency to join. They wanted to "relax" in a car?

Then the hangers happened -- I know you're thinking "What's the big deal?" But when you are in a new country and you come back to your room and see that it has been ransacked, with clothing and dresses left on the floor (off of the hangers) you know that obviously someone went through your items. This was a huge invasion of my private space, I don't care if you took a cotton ball! Out of respect, you ask for permission prior to going through someone's items.

If these women weren't guilty, then there shouldn't have been a problem, and there wouldn't have been the cowardly backlash as I was walking down the steps. I was already feeling a little uncomfortable because of their attitude when they arrivied. Then I felt worse to be bullied and talked to like that while on "vacation."

It's funny how people feel good about treating others badly. I have never felt like this before and would never treat anyone like this. It actually makes me feel better knowing that I don't have that mean trait.

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