Rabbits Out of a Hat

Rabbits Out of a Hat

Cindy calls the blondes on their antics and commends Kelly and Jill for their handling of the reunion.

Wow is ALL I have to say about Part 1 of our reunion episode. Aren't reunions typically supposed to be fun, loving events? Hmm. . .Not when you’re dealing with certain ladies who are out to get one another.

The blondes were obviously up to their best last night -- pulling rabbits out of a hat. I mean seriously Ramona, accusing my brother of wearing a dead man's suit? Talk about mission impossible, Jeff was 6 feet tall, and my brother is clearly not. Then onto the conference call heard round the world! For Sonja to actually utter the words that my call was a stunt to promote my business? I wouldn't waste my time, nor my employees, let alone the ten people across the country on the call. Now I get how her mind works, she wastes time shooting her cover for a cookbook. . .hmmm. . .where is that cookbook now? Whether it was right or wrong, I needed to multi-task to get everything accomplished, I actually have a job.

I also love how Kelly disregards Alex when she speaks. She has to interject into everyone else's business. And to have the gal to tell me I need to get laid. Um Alex, my sex life is my own personal business, so don't speak about what you don’t know. I don't choose to share my intimate relationships on national TV, I will leave the prancing around in lingerie to you.

Props to Jill for the best lines of the year, "minds think alike" and "knock knock." That is why I just love Jill, she is both intelligent and hysterical!

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