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G'day Mate

Associate Editor Kim Moreau lets you know which party she preferred: Sonja's pants-optional masquerade or Ramona's wine-party and Jill throwdown.

The Queen of Bedroom Eyes

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Ramona has already proved herself on the runway, so of course it's time for her to conquer the world of still photography. Ramona meets with someone who has photographed Lady Gaga, which seems perfect. Ramona and LG have so much in common: their avant garde sensibilities, their "born this way" natures, their blonde tresses (though on Gaga's side, occasionally highlighter-yellow). But Ramona is having a hard time relaxing (Melissa is not pleased with the results). As Ramona stares into the distance, her eyes are still caring a touch of that signature Singer smize. Thankfully Sonja arrives to loosen the lady up, and the photo shoot is a smashing success.

ramona singer

Brooklyn, like Tara Because It Is Southern

Leave it to Lady Morgan to decide to throw a fabulous masquerade for very little reason at all. I'll get to her fabulous Chris March (you'll see more of him soon, yay!) costume in a bit, but let's start with Jill and LuAnn's costume hunt. This is one of those delightful vignettes that you hope we could have every week. Could we send the dynamic duo to every costume shop in the city? Why didn't we get to see LuAnn try on that fabulous Egyptian dress she was holding? How much more dialogue from Gone with the Wind could LuAnn recite for us? Did Jill every holster both her bosoms into that dress?

While this is all well and good we do need to discuss the two outfits that we're surprised LuAnn didn't try on, since Sonja thought those were definite possibilities: Grace Jones and Josephine Baker.

Yes, where was that fashion show?

Moons Over Manhattan

Lady Morgan knows how to throw a party. Give her an old wig and some "shampoo" and she's in heaven. The other ladies want a bit more from their get together, leading Jill to lament that it was a party for people to act ridiculous. But what more could you ask for Jill? You have Cindy, dressed as some sort of bird-like Barbarella. Simon and Alex are extra cheeky Egyptians (Simon likes your baubles he does). Ramona as -- we're not sure what. And best of all Sonja forgot part of her costume. Even missing the panties, or perhaps, because of, we have to hand Best Dressed over to her. Her Marie Antoinette made Kirsten Dunst look like a hag.

Of course if LuAnn had come as Grace Jones, we're not sure she would have taken the crown. 

No Woman Is A Staten Island, So Bring Jill Zarin to the Dentist With You

Jill Zarin has already proven herself as a detective this season, so of course she's moved on to the medical profession now. Besides pointing out the medical condition "Chiclets," Jill knows how to make Cindy look "less horsey." The Zarins are all doctors, even if they've never been to medical school, says Jill. I beseech you to watch the entire scene now.


The Australian Koala Will Reside at the Bronx Zoo Instead of Ramona's

Jill and Ramona's fight was TTW (Tough to Watch, learn it, us it, love it). First we had to see Ramona face LuAnn's wine interrogation, knowing she couldn't think of barrels or grape skins at a time like this. And why is The Countess such a pro? Wasn't she just a "Countess expert" (per Ramona), when did she and Jacques find the time to brush up on all the vino variants? And so when she broke free from the technicalities, she had to face Jill.

Jennifer, the Bride, what hath ye wrought?

Then came the hullabaloo. But was there any moment more heartbreaking than watching the after effects of Jill and Ramona's bust-up? OK, maybe the guy trying to give them pizza to smooth things over. But watching them both in the midst of full-tilt anguish was rough, particularly because of a small gift that would never be received.

After the fight, in Jill's hands was Ramona's Australian totem – a stuffed koala bear just like Jill had given the other ladies over lunch. As Jill wept, she handed that small clip-on bear to LuAnn and asked her to give it to Ramo. LuAnn refused and said Jill should give it to her. Jill's response.


Yes Ramona, if only you had not brought up the wedding, that small koala bear could be yours. G'day mate to you indeed.

Next week the ladies start planning their Morocco trip. If only they could have taken Mariah Carey's baby Morocco along.

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