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Less is More

Kelly discusses when we should "Zip It" and getting "Ramona'd"

By Kelly Killoren Bensimon

We marched for equality, I mean legality, and Sonja and Alex/Simon are arguing in public over who should speak at the march. Sorry guys, but the march isn't about you. It's about legalizing marriage, not camera time. How embarrassed could we all be – again? Sometimes it's nicer to support a cause and just "zip it."

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Another great organization in addition to Marriage Equality NY is Give A Damn. For all those wanting to get married, I support you for whatever it's worth.

Who saw my purple Converse? Get a pair today and support gay rights/marriage.

I got a lot of flack for wanting to know the facts about a charity in Season 2. But as you can see, if you don't know what you are talking about (or are in it to get your own name out) -- less is more. Less is always more.

Ramon'd: I met Ramona three years ago while filming RHONY, and I had never been exposed to a woman like that. I didn't really get her at first. Her "truth" and alarming comments used to shock me, but now I recognize it's only to get attention. Ramona thinks that she will look better if she tries to make someone else look bad. Engaging in that behavior is engaging in negative attention. If you won't put up with it with your kids, don't put up with it from grown adults.

Ultimately, Ramona always has to backtrack. I've listened to her and watched her behavior for a while, and I'm assured that it's best to enjoy her for who she is and have no expectations. Ramona isn't going to change, but I can. Everyone has a Ramona in his or her circle of friends. Have fun with friends like that. I learned to stop trying to put a square in a circle. Let Ramona be Ramona and take her with a grain of salt. She can be hilarious.

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