The Dating Fairy and the Drunk Text

The Dating Fairy and the Drunk Text

Kelly gives it up for the single ladies and addresses Ramona's correspondence.

 Six years ago, I decided to separate from my husband, which resulted in our divorce. I was with my ex-husband since I was 24, and didn't really have that much dating experience under my belt before him. My graduating high school class consisted of 20 students. I attended one year at Trinity College, and I had a boyfriend the entire time. Then, I was modeling/traveling around the world alone in my early twenties. Travel isn't an environment conducive to dating. At 37, I was single with two children, two homes, and a tremendous amount of financial responsibility. I immediately met someone younger than me, who showered me with attention I never had, and was devastated again when it didn't amount to anything.

On Season 2, Maximiliano Palcaio was on the show with me. I never inferred he was my boyfriend. He was a friend of mine. Then, came the black cloud of drama fueled by my portrayal on the RHONY. This really put me in a very cold place. I didn't think anyone would want to be with or date me. I definitely wouldn't want to date someone who was portrayed like I was. Let's be honest. So while movies are filming actresses getting their "groove back," I had no groove, no game, no nothing. I was honest with LuAnn and confided in her. I've always wanted to be married and live in a traditional way. LuAann is right, though. I can't look at everyman as marriage material. I need to have more fun.

For anyone who's single, I wish that a dating fairy comes and sprinkles love dust all over them. Everyone deserves to be in love.

Before this, I sent Ramona a note asking her to come to my home so we could discuss her issues with me. Since the first day I met Ramona, she's created an image of me in her head. I felt that we needed to spend some time together. She declined. That's why I had such an awkward moment with Cindy. I understand Ramona is very sensitive and would probably take my email the wrong way. I was right. Not only did Ramona backtrack, but she told Sonja that she was hurt that I didn't want to attend one of her events. I then received a drunk text from Ramona at 1:30 am on a Saturday where she misspelled a lot of words and stated "I will not support you, if you don't support me." I don't remember Ramona ever supporting me. Let's see how she handles this.

I can only be true to myself. I never forget the Golden Rule: treat others the way you want to be treated.

Governor's Island.... enough said.

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