Agree to Disagree

Agree to Disagree

LuAnn is pleased Alex and Sonja have buried the hatchet, but she wishes Ramona would do the same.

Kelly is a sweetheart and I hope she finds someone great to spend her life with but until then, she needs to keep an open mind about dating. I suggested to her that she lighten up and just have fun. She needs to be more trusting of people if she is going to have the relationship she dreams about.

I think it was nice that Sonja and Alex met for lunch to work out their differences, although they will never agree on Simon or what happened at the Marriage Equality March. Sometimes friends have to agree to disagree to remain friends.

Kelly's response to Ramona's invitation to the Women's Venture event was completely appropriate even if did take a while to gather her thoughts. She wished Ramona well and congratulated her. Ramona went overboard when she responded that if Kelly didn't support her she wouldn't support Kelly.

The Wine Connection is a social event created by Jacques that combines wine tasting with the opportunity to meet people. I was glad that Kelly, Sonja and Cindy were able to come and in the end they had a great time. The wine was amazing. Find out more Wine Connection at I didn't want to miss Ramona's second walk down the runway since last year's walk was one to remember! She did a much better job this year considering that modeling isn't her thing. I thought she looked great.

Does anyone ever feel comfortable discussing hair removal? If there is any etiquette regarding hair removal it's that making people feel comfortable around you and in your salon is key! Cindy was very kind to host us and she did her best to make us all feel welcome. Alex's modeling gig was hysterical to watch. Her facial expressions and hairstyle were over the top. I admire her courage but she shouldn't quit her day job!

I couldn't attend Ramona's Women's Venture event because I had plans with my children that evening and they come first. As a mother, she should understand and should have left it at that.

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