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No Surprises

LuAnn discusses Ramona's pinot polar problem, Sonja and Kelly, and Noel's big business.

By Luann de Lesseps

I found Cindy and Sonja's shopping excursion and meeting with Vivienne Tam very interesting to watch for a couple of reasons. First, why didn't Cindy put her temporary veneers on at home before she met Sonja at the store? Second, if Cindy was canceling their lunch, she should have called Sonja before she left her house to tell her of the change of plans. Sonja obviously skipped breakfast in anticipation of lunch at Cipriani! She was cranky and hungry, not a great combination.

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Everyone who lives or visits the Hamptons on a regular basis knows that it is not easy to get from one town to the other because of traffic. Nonetheless, Sonja was being insensitive to Cindy by saying she would not go to Quogue for Cindy's birthday party. In this situation, Sonja could have said to Cindy that she had other plans that day and left it at that. 

Life is great in the Hamptons with the kids! They both love their schools and their friends in the Hamptons and they grew up in our house, so it is home to them. We have a lot of fun together going to the beach and hanging out.

Although Sonja had the best of intentions when planning the big Ramona/Kelly get-together, her plans to surprise Kelly with Ramona could have backfired, especially if Kelly brought her girls to the toaster-oven cooking lesson Sonja planned to give. Ramona is very unpredictable and doesn't censor what comes out her mouth, so I can completely understand why Kelly would not want to discuss their differences in front of her children.

I really didn't get Cindy's invitation in my email. It could have gone to my spam file or was lost in cyberspace. This is why written invitations work best for some parties.

Once again, Ramona's mind and mouth were one, and she felt the need to put me down in my own home. Every family is different and what works for our family might not work for Ramona's family. Nonetheless, I am a full-time mother who has work in the city that takes me away from my teenage children a couple of days a week. You would think Ramona would be supportive of me being a single parent and how challenging this can be and be happy that I found someone in my life and have a schedule that works well for me and my kids.

I wasn't shocked at all by Cindy's telling Kelly about Ramona coming to the cooking lesson because she has her own ideas about how things should be and regardless of the fairness of telling Kelly; she felt that she was in the right to do so to protect Kelly's children from an unpredictable situation with Ramona.

The AARF Walk was so fun! Jacques and his dog Oy had a wonderful time supporting a great cause.

Nothing Ramona does or says surprises me anymore, so when she asked my advice on the Howie situation, I gave it to her. I do think the tears were a response to Ramona putting her foot once again in her mouth, and not knowing how to extract it.

In 2007, Noel fractured his ankle in a trickboarding (short skateboards used for flips, etc.) accident and his ankle never fully healed. He got into skateboarding with a longboard (used to skate the streets) and decided to start FancyFool Skateboards to design and build top of line boards. I'm so proud that he is a young entrepreneur who is making his dreams come true, one board at a time. To find out more about FancyFool Skateboards, go to

Ramona is a bit "pinot polar" and by this I mean that after she has a couple of glasses of her favorite beverage, her behavior becomes more erratic and unpredictable. Her insistence in trying to speak to Kelly and Howie is a good example of how she doesn't reign herself in when she needs to.

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