Taking Off My Choo's

Taking Off My Choo's

LuAnn gives us her true feelings on Cindy, and Ramona and Alex's fashion choices.

Time flies when you are having fun and I’ve been having a great time since last season. I’m raising my two teenagers, still dating Jacques and I’ve been working on my new dance single, “Chic Ce La Vie”, coming out soon on Ultra Records.

I love Peter Tunney’s work, and I was happy to attend Cindy’s art event benefiting the Don Monti Memorial Research Foundation! I didn’t mind taking off my Choo’s for such a good cause.

I didn’t know Cindy before her event, but when I met her I was impressed with her positive energy and her down-to-earth attitude. I think she’s a great addition to the Real Housewives.

Jacques and I had a good time our double date with Sonja and Brian. Sonja is obviously having fun and enjoys Brian’s company but I don’t know how serious they are yet.

Things are going great with Jacques. What you don’t see on the camera is how hard he works for his company Gabriella Wines and how well he treats his employees and his customers. I admire his work ethic and his positive attitude.

Traditionally, only the bride wears white or ivory to a wedding. You would think that Ramona and Alex would know this by now.

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