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Owning Up

Ramona dicusses her fight with Jill, Sonja's party, and the backstabbing amongst the ladies.

By Ramona Singer

I really must give models a lot of credit. It is really hard to look natural, relaxed, and smile when the photographer asks you. That is why I wanted Sonja there. She always puts the biggest smile on my face and makes me so happy whenever she's around!

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I now have four product lines that I am very proud of: True Faith, HSN, Tru Renewal, and, last but not least, Ramona Pinot Grigio. Magazines and press are always asking for photos of me with my products and not just the products alone. So, I chose Andrew Coppa to photograph me. He not only does many celebrities, but he also does great products shots. I was really happy the way it all came out. Please see all the photos on my website.

Now, onto the backstabbing and nastiness of some of the women -- and it's only going to get worse. My stomach is turning now as I recall it all. What is with Cindy saying, "Her core is not good"? Is she becoming like Jill and talking behind my back now too? What's with all of them? Can't they just say it to your face? I am the one who introduced Cindy to everyone, so I would say that makes my core pretty good. What surprised me more is how Jill jumped in and added all of her negative comments about me to Cindy. What is up with that? Maybe Cindy will figure it out eventually, but until that happens I am staying away from her.

I, for one, really enjoy creating new businesses. Some women like to lunch or shop. . .I love business! I was so excited to launch my Ramona Pinot Grigio at Serafina. The owners are Italian and know great wine! They are carrying my pinot in all of their restaurants including Geisha and Cognac in NYC.

The process of creating this wine from scratch was a labor of love. You can read about the process, start to finish, on my blog starting Monday. It was great to have the press and friends there to support me. Everyone loved it and I want to thank each and every one of you for your great support!!!

Imagine my shock when Jennifer shared with me the comments Jill made to her -- questioning why Jennifer is such good friends with me and beating her up about inviting Alex and Simon. I was horrified and hurt, to say the least. When I saw Jill, I admit I could not wait to speak to her. I took Jill quietly to the side. Now what was that wink to LuAnn about, right before she walked over to me? It seems as if Jill and LuAnn are using me as their punching bag since they no longer have Bethenny. It also looks as if they have recruited Cindy and Kelly to join in.

I just wanted Jill to own up to what she did. "Yes, Ramona, I was wrong. I was in a bad mood." Anything! Instead of discussing it so we could move on she said, "Just because you say it, doesn't make it true." She outright lied! She thinks she can say and make up anything, and then it becomes true. But, she lied, and she got caught. Jill has become her own worst enemy and will stoop so low to make up stories and lies about people, especially me. You will see more lies from her in the upcoming episodes. I am so sick of her "Jillasy" and trying to blame everyone else. I'm also sick of her BS crocodile tears. Maybe she was always this way and my eyes are just now opening up. But, I really don't like what I am seeing, and it makes me very sad and angry.

Sonja threw a magnificent party in the wine cellar vault at Cipriani. It's a very exclusive room that is almost impossible to book -- but they love Sonja! Sonja's costume was beyond gorgeous. Between the stunning, towering hairpiece, the magnificent, intricate mask, and the phenomenal jewelry, no wonder she forgot her ruffled panties! She had so much going on! LOL. When I saw Sonja in person she took my breath away. Trust me, when standing up the dress was longer than anything Kelly wears! LOL!

Here we have Jill saying mean things again, except this time about Sonja's party behind her back. There was plenty of food and a fabulous group of people with great energy. Why Jill was so mean spirited is beyond me? She has become the Jill "The Pill" Downer.

Until next week. . .

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