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Renewal to Retaliation

Ramona's not taking Jill and LuAnn's criticism lying down, as she tells her side of the charity debacle.

By Ramona Singer

Where do I begin???

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To say LuAnn and Jill are full of negative energy towards me is an understatement! While Avery was watching the episode, before she even got to the last part of the charity luncheon, she asked, "Mom, why are they all being so mean to you? I don't understand." I never lie to my daughter, myself, or others, so, I had to answer by saying, "I don't know. I really don't know why some of these ladies are acting this way." Do you?

Now, let's talk about my lunch with LuAnn. It was such a waste of time. As always, without even knowing what happened, she is taking Jill's side. Why should I involve LuAnn? I don't want to talk behind Jill's back with LuAnn. That's not who I am. I didn't want to taint their relationship by bad mouthing Jill and talking about my situation with her. I also didn't want LuAnn taking sides. This is between Jill and I; no one else.

Moving along, let's discuss the charity lunch. When Jill saw the wine in my arms, she asked why did I brought it. I said "your assistant asked me to." She replied, "No, he did not," and I was flabbergasted. "Do I need to show you the email he sent me?" I replied and she just stormed away. Once again, Jill gets caught in a lie. I have finally realized that she is a pathological liar. She will just outright lie to make herself look good and make someone else look bad.

Between True Faith, Tru Renewal, HSN, and Ramona Pinot Grigio, I have four product lines that I could have donated for the silent auction! She never asked me to donate anything. It would have been my pleasure. Now that I think of it, I would need a whole table for my products and it was probably just too much "Ramona product" for Jill to handle. Do you know what I mean?

Her assistant Darren, who is the sweetest, asked me to donate wine for the ladies to have for lunch as they needed a wine donor. When ladies go to a charity luncheon and pay $200 a ticket, they expect a glass of wine with their meal. I really did not want to be the sponsor, as I had a very limited supply in from Italy at that time. But, I wanted to help. So, I carried, in the rain and in heels, this heavy, 12-bottle case of wine. Never once, did Jill thank me.

Jill never asked me to donate anything for the silent auction. I would have loved to. One of my good friends at the luncheon said, "Ramona, why aren't any of your products here for purchase?" I simply said that I was never asked. So then she said, "I know you brought the wine to serve but I will purchase a bottle right now. Let's make a bid sheet for the silent auction as I would like to support you and the charity."

Jill was so miffed at my newest venture that she never had the waiters open the wine and put wine glasses on the table. I had to do it. The last thing she wanted to do was to showcase another one of my businesses, which only now have I realized. She would rather have her guests go without wine than feature my wine. That is the type of person she has become. How sad?

Seeing that the waiters were not pouring the wine or getting glasses, I became vocal and started to help out. This is why you saw me running around with the bottle, pouring the wine, and setting up glasses. I was serving the wine. The staff was only serving huge vodka martinis. In fact, as soon as we walked in the door at noon-ish, Jill was serving martinis. Who drinks vodka at noon? No one I know. Let's face it, to be around LuAnn and Jill, I need a glass in hand -- just in case I may want to throw in their faces to stop them from badgering me. I walked in saying I am going to be calm and not get into a fight but here we have LuAnn and Jill both bringing things up. I tried to avoid it as I did not feel it was the time or place (Trust me, I know sometimes I am guilty of that too, LOL). I did my best to not feed into it as they kept coming at me.

Jill still had not set up wine for the ladies to drink, and, of course, they did not want her vodka. LuAnn had her glass of wine. Jill and Kelly never drink. I have a great marriage to one man for 19 years. I have a daughter, Avery, who is an honor student and doesn't drink or do drugs. I am running multiples businesses plus two homes. Trust me, I need to be extremely focused for all of that. I don't have a drinking problem. I don't know why Jill and LuAnn keep implying I do. Do you?? It's not the pinot talking, it's Ramona talking. Last year was RENEWAL, this year is RETALIATION.

I will not let these ladies pull their crap on me any longer. I will call them out to their faces about what bothers me.

Till next week. . .

PS: I must say that I have been to Florida, New Jersey, Long Island, and NYC doing my bottle signings. I have met hundreds of my fans, and you are all so positive and truly so kind to me. Thank you so much for your positive energy and reinforcement!



Please connect with me: my Facebook, Ramona Pinot Grigio's Facebook, and Twitter (@RamonaSinger).

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