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So Special

Ramona shares Avery's role in the Sweet 16 planning and her thoughts on the shindig.

By Ramona Singer

What a week it was! Or should I say month?? If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you'll know why LOL. I am off to spend the next twelve days on vacation with Mario and Avery at our home that we have owned since Avery was a baby! It will be bittersweet as Avery will be off to Oxford University in England (taking finance courses) the day we return.

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I cannot believe how well she has turned out and we are so proud of her. She is my best accomplishment in life. I am lucky enough to own my own businesses with Ramona Pinot Grigio, HSN, True Faith, and Tru Renewal. All of these businesses allow me to work from anywhere and make flexible schedules to work around my family. It is because of this that Avery has seen me in action. She has seen me making deals, negotiating, designing, and merchandising. She now has a strong sense of how to create, organize, and accomplish. She has used all of these skills and more with creating her party.

My husband and I have never had a party this size before. Avery organized the list, sent out the lovely Paperstyle invitations to 200 plus friends (everyone came except the ones that were not allowed to leave their boarding school), and controlled the RSVPs. It didn’t stop there! Avery designed the food menu, which included a sushi bar, and the dessert menu. Working with our party planner Stephanie of Seasons of Southhampton, she even created her own playlist for the DJ!

Avery had very specific look that she wanted to create and what a room it was! It was beyond spectacular! Icicle chandeliers from the ceiling, frosted tress, and even a snow machine! Vibe Productions took 16 hours to set up the space. They did a fantastic job. Avery even designed her own dress with the designer, Kimberly Towers. She did not miss a single detail.Avery is very involved in giving back, and she loves children. It was her idea that, in lieu of gifts, everyone would bring a toy to gift for Christmas for the charity, Toys for Tots.

We are a strong family unit and Avery wanted us to share this night with our friends that have known her since she was four years old. (Our family friends are very important to all three of us, as both mine and Mario’s parents are deceased. Our friends have become our family). Avery chose the adult guests to be invited, not me. Avery was very upset after seeing the episode and hearing what Jill said behind her back. She did not like what Kelly had to say either.

The space was huge -- 5000 square feet! The dance floor separated the area from the 200 plus kids and the 30 adults. The adults were delegated to a large side section. The one problem was that I was amazed at how grown-up Avery and her friends have become and couldn’t tear myself away. How did Avery become such a woman?!? How did her male friends become so tall and manly looking?!? Wait, is that a 16 year-old girl or a twenty year old woman?? It was mind blowing! I never looked like that at 16. I was mesmerized. I grew up in the woods, wore jeans, and had ice cream and cake at my parties.

I knew I had raised my daughter right when the caterer/planner came over and said to me, "In all the years I have done parties, and I have done many, no child has ever come over to thank me." She continued, "Avery came over to me at the end of the night and thanked me for the best night of her life! I just want you to know what a special young lady she is.”

I agree. Avery is so special. She never asks for much, she's an “A” student, very driven, hardworking, focused, and determined. Mario and I decided to do something very special for her. It was also one of our best nights ever and we would not have missed it for the world. To view photos from the night visit my official blog and for more exclusives sign up for my newsletter at

Bobby had a heated discussion with Simon about a blog at the party. Simon has no involvement with it whatsoever. I find the author of that blog to be very amusing and dead on in her critiques. Why is Jill always pointing fingers?

I get very involved in whatever I do and do my best to become an expert. If I'm not the expert, I know how to find one. I found the best lawyer for Sonja that is helping her. Jeff Landers ( is the best and is going to take car of her. It’s very important to have your assets protected correctly.

Till next week!!!

PS: I got so many comments on my Asian influenced swirl earrings. As always, my jewelry is True Faith!

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