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Try Your Best

Ramona talks about Avery's upbringing, motherhood, and the lessons in Sonja's burlesque performance.

By Ramona Singer

Hello, again.

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Wow. I have been busy! I find myself on planes more than anywhere else! On Wednesday, I landed in Tampa, Florida for my new HSN show airing 1-3 pm EST. I'm really excited about the new pieces and hope you all tune in! After my show, I’m headed right to Atlanta, GA to do two appearances. On Monday July 11 from 5-7 pm, I will be at Hinton's Wine store in Alpharetta, GA, and on Tuesday, July 12, from 4-6 pm I will be at Sherlock's Wine Merchant in Decatur, GA. A portion of the proceeds from both signings will go to the Women’s Resource Center to End Domestic Violence. Hope you can all come out to support a great cause!

Now, onto this week's episode. . .

It's amazing how Avery has become such a young woman. I really enjoy the time we spend together in a different way from when she was younger. Our relationship is continually evolving, and I am loving it!!

That's one of the reasons why I brought her with me and Sonja to go "burlesque shopping." She also really enjoys Sonja's company, and it was such a fun store to go to! We all tried on different things, and it was a lot of fun! I had really planned on wearing something more conservative to the party that I already had, but being in the store I found myself getting more into the spirit of Sonja's burlesque party. So, with the help of Avery, we found a great bustier, lace leggings, and a short feather skirt I felt good in the ensemble and, most of all, my daughter gave me her approval!

With Avery being 16, I really want to be the best role model I can be for her. I know I am not perfect, but I know I am trying my best and that is all we can do as mothers: "Try our best." I always communicate and share everything I do with Avery. I wanted to let Avery know that she could come to the party if she wanted to with some friends. Did I think she would? No! But, I asked her anyway. Just as when Avery was very young and she would eat at 5 pm, I would still invite her to the dinner table at 7:30 pm with Mario and I and have a place setting for her. Eventually, she would have two dinners, and now finally she has only one with us. So, now I always ask her if she wants to come with us in the evenings. Sometimes she does for a little bit or even the whole time. I know, just like she joined us for all the dinners at the table, she will join us for many of our nights out.

Avery is my biggest love and best accomplishment in my life. I knew I did my job well when she dedicated a paper on who her biggest role model is, to me. (Please read the entire paper she wrote on my newsletter.) I find myself very fortunate that I work for myself, which allows me to make myself available for Avery. Of course, sometimes it means making several calls while I'm with her but it beats being stuck in an office from 9 am to 6 pm where I never would be with her. Besides, she is learning about business and dealing with people when she listens to me work. I cannot begin to tell you how overwhelmed with emotion I was when she finished reading her paper to me. I only want Avery to be the best she can be and was hoping that she would learn how to be a great mother, wife, businesswoman, and friend by example. After she read her paper, I knew I had accomplished this with Avery. I have no doubt Avery will be one fine woman and her children will write a similar paper about her!

I did freak when she said my age of 54! I am now embracing it, and my Tru Renewal Skincare has helped me tremendously! That's why I developed it. For me! LOL!!

I thought Sonja was beyond spectacular at her burlesque party! She captivated everyone with her performance. I loved her line "the jealous b---hes are usually the snitches," which to me meant they are the ones who make up stories, lie, and exaggerate. I told my daughter, in life you will come across women like this but you need to have a strong sense of self worth and know who you are. If you keep this is mind then women like this can't hurt or harm you.

Hope you enjoyed the episode! As always please connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, and to sign-up for my newsletter and see all my current businesses visit!

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