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As the Stomach Turns

Sonja discusses horseback riding, Ramona, and Kelly's sand angels.

By Sonja Morgan

Cindy is so funny with her teeth. She looked fabulous and you couldn't notice at all that her veneers fell off! Next time we won't have martinis. It leads to pistachios doing Cindy in and me blabbing about Ramona in her ear. Seriously though, to get me downtown, in the middle of the week, she invited me to my favorite restaurant, Cipriani's, and I just wanted to have lunch, get to know her, and have fun. We could have eaten anywhere at that point! I was starving and didn't understand the shopping thing! When are we finally eating? LOL. Oh well it was nice to meet Vivienne Tam.

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Wow! Cindy really doesn't think I can break the ice between Ramona and Kelly. We shall see! This is what I like to do -- put people together. I'm the fun-loving peacemaker! I am confident I can do this and will have Ramona call before to ask Kelly if she minds her dropping in.

I have lots of friends who live in Quogue, and Cindy is trying to guilt me into going to her get together. But it's three hours to Southampton and then an hour back to Quogue and another hour back. In fact if I do go to a friends in Quoque, I stay overnight there.

Hamptonites take the Long Island Expressway, I mean the DISTRESSWAY to finally get to relax at home with our families, loved ones, play with the pups, garden, sun by the pool, read in the hammock, go to the beach, ride horses, pick up fresh veggies and fruits at the farm stands. We do this for a day and a half, or two days since this was a long weekend, and then drive the three hrs back to NYC to the rat race again.

I really don't know why I do the drive every weekend! Actually?!? I do! The ocean and beaches are world renowned beautiful, and I love my groove there. Once I get there in the relentless traffic!

I love when Jacques does that trick. I have seen it in person. Wish his dog had done it. It's so sweet.

Kelly was so nice to invite me. I felt so bad she was so nervous for me. She didn't deserve to be petrified for my safety after she went out of her way to arrange this day for us. But I am so passionate and hard to wrangle in! As you saw. I have fallen off many horses.

I didn't say I don't do Quogue! Are we back to that? I said I'm not going back and forth. She's the one that doesn't want to go to Governors Island for Alex's birthday. Gosh, everyone keeps trying to put me in the snob box! I don't think its funny. Even LuAnn says I said I don't do Quogue. I'm being misquoted. Having said that, the best social events are in Southampton, if you are so inclined to socialize while at the beach. But, that is not why I am not joining our new friend Cindy for a fun day outside.

Confusing! Luann and I never received an invite. The whole thing was confusing but Cindy wants to insist it isn't. OK I turned completely red when Kelly said that's my ex-husbands ex-wife? Elle McPherson! It sincerely wasn't a jab!

Why does Cindy say I don't have a house in the Hamptons, and that I don't have a business? She doesn't know me, and she obviously has her knickers in a twist over how many houses and how much money I do or don't have. Anyone who owns a few houses, put their own cold cash in them, and has money in the bank will tell you going through a divorce can be a full-time job of trying to hang on to what you worked your whole life for. Then throw the world of Hollywood and the movie business into the mix just before the financial markets crash!

Alex and Ramona are the perfect examples of what the traffic can do to you! You heard it three-and-a-half hours! To go another two hours back and forth? Why is Cindy being so upset about this? I have parties all the time and sometimes people come and sometimes they don't. Why is Cindy getting in between my plans to share my toaster oven recipes with Kelly and our kids, with Ramona? Kelly is the last person that needs to be freaked out. I am trying to smooth things out, not ruffle feathers.

Cindy's staying at a friends house and she is talking about who has a house or not? Weird? Who cares who stays where, who owns, and who rents? My cottage was rented out that weekend to the owner's relatives. I live in Southampton-- not East, not West, not Quoque. Point?

Oh no, where is the pinot grigio! Anyone who knows Ramona knows she needs her pinot. I like her to be comfortable, so I always have it. I asked Cindy would she like champagne or prosecco (I drink cheap prosecco) and she prefers champagne, so I had it when she came over.

The Quads looked like great fun! Kids love them. I'm glad they had beautiful weather.

Why did Cindy bring up brunch in front of Ramona when she knew Ramona would not be invited? Especially after her conversation with Kelly the night before!

Ramona introduced us all to Cindy, said she was a great girl, and now this? Ramona asked Cindy's brother to step over to the side to speak with her. He said "not now," but she didn't stop. Whoops! She is Ramotional again. I do think Howie's comment hurt Ramona more than he knew. We will have to see where this goes. LuAnn had good advice at the doggy walk, this wasn't the time to bring it up, but Ramoner couldn't handle the weight on her heart. She has always been like this. She has to get it out and move on.

I just want Cindy and Ramona to stay friends so we can all enjoy each others company together. I want to get to know Cindy better and see the side of Cindy that Ramona has raved about. Not the side that has her hair up on her back. Is Cindy being influenced?

BTW I thought it wasn't a birthday party? LOL.

No joking, this show is going to give me an ulcer! Now that we don't have As The World Turns, We have As The Stomach Turns. Why can't everyone just be happy, laugh, and enjoy each other? Not judge? I'm going to start doing sand angels too! Thank you for reading my blog and watching our show. Please check out my website My 2011 Reel on YouTube and join my fan page for updates (I need some followers!) and my Twitter for everyday thoughts with viewers and friends.

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