Celebrate Good Times

Celebrate Good Times

Sonja gives us the scoop on her masquerade party, and on Ramona and Jill's special relationship.

Ramona cracks me up! "Who better to represent her product then her!" She is absolutely correct, of course. I just love to hear her say it. I taught her the squint, and I'm loving it. I get the belly laughs when I am around her, and it keeps me young -- albeit it silly. I am who I am and so is she. Jill told us if you lipo one area it moves -- so true. So now to Dr. Sharon Giese for a touch up of a different type. LOL! I have never seen someone manage their own photoshoot and model at the same time, but it was over in no time and very efficient -- just the way Ramona likes it.

Jill looks gorgeous. Love the white blouse on her. I also wanted two kids. I lost my second pregnancy. So I really know how Jill feels. Thank goodness, for the one's we have though. Why is Cindy saying Ramona's core is not good? Why is Cindy saying that no one says anything good about Ramona? That's not true. Ramona has hundreds of friends who love and accept her the way she is. Maybe Cindy is being influenced by Jill, LuAnn, and Kelly. I know they always come down on her. I try to see the best in everyone. I meet people to like them -- until they disappoint me to the point I cannot be there for them anymore. I'm also too old to be jealous. I can only try to smooth things over and patch things up when I am with people. I can only try to include everyone and try to make sure everyone enjoys themselves. If they complain, judge and criticize that is their problem. I like to laugh at myself and sometimes I put my foot in my mouth, but I don't mean any harm. I too want to be accepted for who I am and not judged all the time.

Chris March is ahhhhmaaaaazing. He is such a character. He said "Don't you have an elevator in this dump?" I love his sense of humor, and his talent is off the charts.

Jill and LuAnn are rallying for me and my other guests that I invited by getting costumes for the party at the Vault. I appreciate this from friends. I don't want to let them down either. I will have champagne for Cindy, because she likes that, and Prosecco, the Italian champagne that Cipriani serves and I adore! They make the famous bellini with it. Their food is delicious to the point of precious. When I said I needed a space for roughly 50 people, they were gracious enough to host me and my lovely international friends that were in town for art or fashion week (I don't remember which). The party was at their 55 Wall St location in the Old Bank Vault -- it is the perfect size for 50 or less!

That champagne in the Brilliant van was a gift from Jen Gilbert when she came to visit my home last season! Thanks Jen. Brilliant is a fabulous way to travel. In St. Tropez or Venice for example, when I have to move a group of people from place to place and parking can be a problem, this is the way we go! We call them "people movers"! We always have a nice time because life is short and the plane ride is long. I have wonderful friends that I have built over the decades, and we appreciate each other warts and all.

When LuAnn called to say she couldn't make it, I didn't sweat it. We all have celebrations and charities all the time, and we will be together at the next one. Was I disappointed? Of course, I wanted her there. But I understand -- besides she was at home ill in bed with her new man. Can you blame her?

You can always count on Alex and Simon to deck themselves out. Their costumes at Cips were nothing short of amazing. Jill looked gorgeous. Bobby is always gracious and makes people feel comfortable. Cipriani is always happy to host an influential, international crowd because they have restaurants around the world. Having said all that, I was happy to mix in my RHONY girlfriends. Fun! This was all done within a weeks notice. Can you imagine? Maybe you noticed the gorgeous men? Trust me Kelly met a couple of guys at my party. Let's just leave it at that.

There was another love match made that night as well and that one is still going! Can you guess which couple? I love love! Pity they didn't show the electric violinist. I always look for opportunities to support the arts.

Last word on parties: Life is a celebration of family and friends, people who support you -– so have them. Sometimes the stars align and everything is perfect, and sometimes they don't. But please always be appreciative of someone putting their energy and love out into the universe to invite you, feed you, entertain you, and introduce you to their other friends and connections. This "ma fren" is the pecking order. Always respect those whose bring you into their circle. If people are negative, squeeze them out. Plenty of people can be appreciative and enjoy an invite. Even though Alex and I had a spat at the MENY March, I went to her house because I didn't want to let her down. She had everything planned, all the food and wine was ready, so I went to be with her because above all we are friends.

OMG! Jill said to the bride -- on her wedding day -- why did you invite Alex and why are you friends with Ramona?

I like to have fun and support people who support me. I loved Ramona's wine, and her party was a success. When a friend does well, we all do well.

I appreciate Vittorio the owner of Serafina trying to offer pizza to Ramona and Jill right at the heat of the moment. He was trying to break up the fight. Sweet!

Jill wouldn't let Jennifer speak. Jennifer wanted to say it was her wedding day and that conversation was inappropriate, but Jill didn't want to hear it. That's Jill.

Jill and Ramona have a special love/hate relationship. They don't need my help. It has a life of its own.

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