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Open Season

Sonja welcomes us into her life and discusses Ramona's interview skills and Alex's attitude.

By Sonja Morgan

Hello everyone!

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I am back for my first full season, and it's open season -- as in shots are flying in the field and I'm ducking for cover! But sometimes I have to stand my position and shoot in self-defense. I hope you will stick by me because after filming you now see the the good, the bad, and the ugly sides of Sonja. Sonja loves to have fun, and Sonja is fun, but my life aside from the glamorous appearances, travels, and photo shoots starts to crack through, as you will see! That’s the deal when you agree to do reality TV, and that’s what I promised you. To be myself and not pretend.

On a lighter note, let me tell you -- Ramona's wine is delicious. You should try it. Pinot grigio is a great Italian table wine. It's perfect for all occasions, and very drinkable. Alex is definitely tense at Ramona's rooftop party, and she really wasn't enjoying herself. She is really hopped up on marching at the Marriage Equality March, and was annoyed when the girls made light of it and tried to have fun with it. I'm afraid even if I had been there I couldn't have lightened her up. She is taking things a litttttle too seriously. I am the Grand Marshall for the event, and kicking it off, so I invited everyone to my house to help me get ready because I am really nervous about public speaking. I really wanted to do my best. Anyhoooo, she really wanted us to wear wedding dresses. So I said to Kelly and LuAnn, why not? This way we are a unified group at the event. However, this is not enough for Alex for some reason. Tune in for the rest, and see how it unfolds. I guess you saw the promo when I have to throw a friend out of my home. . .

Hooray! Alex is modeling again and she looks fabulous. Hope for all of us! I don't know how she works at home with Simon. I could never. . .What about you? I like the anticipation of seeing my man after living a full day apart with separate lives. Mystery is an aphrodisiac, for me anyhow. It works beautifully for them I must say.

Peter Tunney is an old friend, and I'm a big supporter of the arts. So I was thrilled that he was a friend of Cindy's, or at least that she was buying his art -- and that he is darn happy about that! Ramona introduced Cindy to us as a fun, great girl, and we welcomed her with open arms. At the art party we can see Alex is still tense! What’s brewing there? Something left over from "Scary Island"?

Leave it to Jill to ask Cindy what we all want to know. Where did these babies come from? And from what body? Her comment about Cindy’s age shocked me because I think she looks so young.

Who relishes being interviewed by the Ramonacoaster? That's a rough one. I almost died when she said she only wanted her husband on a mattress! Wow! "Sexy Sonjaisms" are rubbing off on my renewed and usually prudish friend Ramona, and I like it! The young girls were petrified before the interview with Ramona, and then after they were petrified wood. I have to say Ramona had a point -- though it was sharp one! Hopefully it was for the best and the girls took the advice and ran with it for their own use!

Anytime I'm out with LuAnn and her man Jacques, I have a wonderful time. However, it was nice to bring my artist friend Brian along this time. I am a terrible flirt! I am so embarrassed at all my giggling like a schoolgirl. And my hair was a mess in that humidity! Gawd! I need to stop bragging about doing my own hair and makeup. All said and done I am grateful for my friends. It was a fun evening, and seeing Jacques so in love with LuAnn makes me happy.

Oh gosh, Alex is staying at the drill sergeant’s house in the Hamptons. You must follow the rules! Just kidding, I've stayed there. She really was just joshing her. Here we go again with Alex on the Wedding March subject! You would think she were the head of Marriage Equality NY! She's asking Jill why she can't be there. Honestly! Is it Alex's business why Jill doesn't want to or can’t attend? I think it goes deeper with Jill and Alex because really, one can't go to every charity event even when we are on the board or committee of that charity. That is a fact of philanthropic life.

Whoops, here goes the Ramonacoaster about Howie and her friend Jeff Furman's cigar that Howie abused (in her over protective eyes). I knew Jeff and I don't think he cared who smoked his cigar! LOL. He was a fun loving, easy-going guy, which explains why he and Ramona were so close. Also, isn't Ramona is looking gorgeous this season?

Well, that’s it ‘til next week, and you won’t believe the craziness next week. It's building to a crescendo, so I hope you enjoyed this mild beginning.

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Until then!

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