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Crazy Talk

Heather Thomson shares her side of the argument with Ramona.

By Heather Thomson

Things (and people) are gettin’ crazy up in here...

Watching this episode I am having flashbacks to filming now more than ever, because it was during the holidays and I can remember being crazed trying to keep all the balls I was juggling in the air along with the added pressure of the season! Oy! I remember being happy when I got Carole's invite to what I knew would be a lovely holiday dinner at Hotel Griffou. I had just hosted my company Holiday party there for Yummie only two days prior, and I love the place. Jon and I didn't need a sitter because my sister was in town, and I knew Ramona and Mario were not attending, so I was looking forward to a fun night out with my hubby and friends. The game we played called “White Elephant” (where you have the choice to keep your surprise present or trade with someone that has gone before you) was so much fun! And Aviva’s dad, the now infamous George, added thrilling shock waves with his irreverent wit. But as you saw, even George was upstaged by the live lizard that leaped out of its neatly wrapped box. Bravely, Carole captured him, gave him a home, and named him George. I've actually asked Carole to write the story of George for all to read, because you could never imagine what became of him, but that is another story. On this particular evening the two Georges added a lot of emotion to what might have been a predictable evening out on the town!

Cock Rings, Ball Gags, and Lizards
Carole continued in her hosting role by inviting all the ladies downtown to her apartment for lunch to discuss an idea of a trip she was pondering after she had delivered her book. Carole is a very cool, laid-back gal and her style is casual. Neither Carole nor myself are the high maintenance types, and I would have been so down with the pizza order, but others aren't as easy going. I wish Ramona would relax and try to just enjoy the moment. I mean, friends shouldn’t have to roll out a red carpet for each other every time they get together! Somehow the word “entitled” seems fitting here. Meanwhile, the nervous tension coming off Aviva, who was sitting next to me, is like a force field when Ramona was less than accommodating concerning Reid joining us in St. Barth’s. If this is what ordering lunch while planning a luxury vacation is like...will I ever survive the actual trip?

I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my work, and I care deeply about giving my all to anyone or any project that I am associated with. I took Sonja's branding project very seriously, and I put together a dream team of talented and passionate experts, all of whom volunteered to help Sonja. She was not paying any of us for our services. There was no barter system for our time and efforts, yet here comes Sonja rolling into the shoot over an hour late! At this juncture I am not surprised, but now I am really getting annoyed. Not only did she not have the decency to acknowledge the people that I had gathered to work on this project, but when she did get there she showed no sense of urgency to get into hair and makeup so we could start. Then her “lady problems” delayed us further, and did we really need to hear the graphic details? Sonja, spare us, puh-leeze! I was pushing to get the first shot, because I know from experience that once you get that first shot off and get rolling the magic begins.
Proof of Sonja's Young Uterus
I feel like I care more about Sonja’s brand than she does. A good friend once told me that if you want to get something done quickly, you give it to someone who is busy, because busy people don’t have any time to waste so they do it as fast as possible to get it off their plate. I am a busy girl with my own company to run. I want to help Sonja, but I can’t waste my time, and she needs to acknowledge and respect that. Again the word entitlement seems fitting. Oy!

How to Watch

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Now that I have that off my chest, I will say that Sonja was AMAZING in front of the camera. She totally turned it on and looked fabulous, and in that regard she made our task easy. I am happy with what we created for her especially under the circumstances. Sonja’s set up on the table is exactly what she wanted and it's a wrap! The shoot is complete and I am ready to present two set up options for her to choose for her campaign. As long as she loves one after editing and retouching, I will proudly have delivered on my word.

I was happy to attend Ramona’s red wine launch event, because I knew it would give me a chance to see all of the girls. I had been getting along a little better with Ramona, and it was good to have been asked to come out and support her. As soon as I walk in the door I see Sonja and I really wanted to congratulate her on the images we captured and to let her know I still support her toaster oven idea. Like I said directly to her, I had my vision for the shoot, based on all that she had shared with me and the Sonja I know and adore, but in the end Sonja needs to choose what makes her happiest and what she wants representing her brand. Like all of you watching the show, I now realize there was a conversation between Ramona and Sonja about my steamrolling her on the set and the fact that we didn’t want Ramona there. Well, mea culpa. It is true…sort of. I did push my idea for Sonja, but let’s be totally honest…those toaster ovens that she is saying suddenly need urgent branding (Which is crazy, because I wouldn’t recommend buying production inventory until you have shown a customer and received an order!) would still be sitting in a warehouse somewhere without any branding if someone didn’t push it. I was fighting FOR Sonja not against her. James was the one who asked that Sonja not invite anyone on set, and I happened to concur. So, I can take the criticism, but I am NOT a liar and for Ramona to accuse me of that really floored me. Now that you have seen both sides, what do think?  I can tell you I have learned this: 1. Sonja talks out of both sides of her mouth. She tells you the version that you want to hear and not necessarily the whole story. And 2. Ramona only listens to half of any story -- the half that she believes -- then she walks away. She is operating in a bubble of partial information that fits into her paradigm. What is it with these women?!

Stuck in the Middle with You
On to the holiday party. Sonja invited us to Janna Bullock’s fabulous home. Wow, can that Carole dress up! She truly looked like a princess that evening. That was pretty much the highlight for me, because everything quickly went downhill from there. Why did Aviva (girl, I love you, but…) have to bring up that wine tasting event with Ramona again? Is it just me or are these girls running in circles? I just could not let Ramona and Aviva trash talk Jacques without at least addressing it with Aviva directly. The others didn't surprise me, but what's going on with Aviva?  I mean, that they started in on him before the front door was even closed? Come on! A fake French accent? He is French-Moroccan and was anyone there an expert on regional accents? Ramona says she really hates the thought of people talking behind her back (even when they are not!), but she has no problem doing it or worse (making fun of people) behind theirs. But like I said, Ramona hears only what works for her then flees the conversation before anyone has a chance to finish a story and perhaps prove her wrong. And yes, I did call her crazy. I could have said worse. I was reacting to her antics and out of a sense of loyalty to Lu and Jacques. You have to admit, it’s not too far off the mark at certain moments.
Heather vs Ramona

Last question -- the Holiday spirit was at the heart of it, but do I keep the red lipstick? I am giving myself mixed reviews and would love your thoughts!As always, thank you for all of your support and feedback. You make being on the show so rewarding for me. To learn more about me and my shapewear business, go to Facebook,, and Pls don’t forget to follow me on Twitter at @iamHeatherT and to visit to sign up to become an organ and tissue donor.

xx Heather
Gonna Get Burned
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