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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Heather shares her new-found love for Ramona and wonders which Aviva made it to St. Barths.

By Heather Thomson

Where does one begin on this week’s episode? I think maybe with a refreshing change...

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I am beginning to recognize in all sincerity that Ramona is actually funny. She is also being nice to me -- so maybe that the difference, I don't know? And I don't know why she has turned this corner with me although I have my suspicions, but I must say, it's nice to be in the vacation photos! I am actually finding Ramona and Sonja together quite entertaining. While they are a lot to handle, they have been harmless in their fun and a source of a lot of laughs in St. Barth's -- they are on vacation after all and they a real frick and frack team. They balance each other’s quirky characters and they celebrate each other’s flaws. Like a modern day Laurel and Hardy, they are Somonja. Forevermore!

Our resident mascot, bad boy/Johnny Depp look alike, Thomas (or Tomas -- remember he’s French and we don't pronounce the "s") is one smooth operator, a "serial charmer" if you will. And, I think it's fair to say we all flirted with him at least once. It's easy and he gives it right back to you. I call him "greasy,” but one can't argue...he's a hottie and he certainly is good at it. The charade going on with he and LuAnn, and Ramona and Sonja is like watching a game of cat and mouse and for Sonja -- its game on and like I said...We have a winner!

Playing Cat and Mouse

Aviva’s arrival to the house can be described in a word, as unfortunate. It did start out great with presents and all, but it quickly spiraled down to a dark place. Maybe the trip onto the island was much harder on Aviva than any of us anticipated, and her tirade against Ramona certainly seems to stem from more than a crass comment or two but how Sonja got wrapped into it all is a shame. Sonja was always supportive of Aviva when it came to coming or not coming to the island and she was gracious and honest with Reid upon his arrival -- topless or not, who cares? Whether Aviva condones the behavior she witnessed in Miami or she doesn't, it is hard to support the name calling that took place. For me it felt like, 'Who are you? And what have you done with Aviva?"

Who's White Trash?

Humility and forgiveness are good qualities -- relentless intolerance, mixed in with name calling, demands and yelling. . .not so much. Sometimes you've just got to re-focus the energy toward something else before the anger gets the best of you. . .The Aviva that I have gotten to know is confident, glamorous, and a true class act. The Aviva that came to St. Barths was twisted up from jump, relentless, and unexpected.

A hug is a really good way to ground someone and to bring peace and I think both applied to Aviva. As a matter of fact, I think everyone needs a hug right now. I only wonder if Reid wants a hug? Or, does he want to be anointed as martyr, or maybe, he just wants to be left alone? My interpretation is the latter. . .Reid doesn’t need the attention of Samonja as much as any of us thought Aviva would need or expect a red carpet rollout or a marching band to greet her. Encouraging does not equal begging, and while I am glad Aviva is here, I only ever wanted her to be here for herself, to face her fears and enjoy the benefit of it and, if she didn't come we would have supported that too. Carole and I have been her encouragers, her supporters, her friends, but there was no begging by any means. I was proud of Ramona for apologizing to try to diffuse things for once. I didn't think she had it in her! I am finally seeing the side of Ramona that Aviva told me about, the good side. And, Aviva well. . .I guess she is seeing something different. Unfortunately, it's at the cost of us all.

My relationship with Carole only strengthens even from a distance. From the very first episode when I brought Carole to Sonja's townhouse, the two of us have been thrown into the mix of all the estrogen, navigating our new relationships, and through it all we found the time to connect and bond with each other on a deeper level. First of all, I am a rock ‘n’ roll fanatic and Russ is a serious rock ‘n’ roller (aka musician), who I happen to thoroughly enjoy, so does my husband -and Carole and I easily get each other on many levels. The moment that we shared on the boat together talking about the passing of her late husband Anthony was one I will never forget. We laid there on the bow in the idyllic, sunny setting with teary eyes. And we were silent. If you can be in that moment of quiet with someone and be comfortable in that silence, then you know you are true friends. Sometimes silence is all you need.

As always, thank you for all of your support and feedback. You make being on the show so rewarding for me. To learn more about me and my shapewear), go to Facebook,, and . You can also enjoy 10 percent off your next Yummie Tummie order by entering code "Iamheathert10" at check out. Don't forget to follow me on Twitter at @iamHeatherT and please visit to sign up to become an organ and tissue donor. See you next week back in St. Barth's for the final hoo-rah!!

xx Heather

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