I Can't Win

I Can't Win

Ramona doesn't know how to please Aviva and after the way she talked to Sonja, she doesn't want to.

We have reached the conclusion of St. Barths! What a trip! I really was surprised when Carole told me in the morning that she was going to take off as couples for dinner and not include everyone. I thought the reason Aviva had Reid come was to have him bring her to be with all of us.

I really thought the night before I had calmed Aviva down and smoothed everything over. When she walked into my room and started in on me, I got angry. I still say this was a girls’ trip. Why was Aviva insisting this was not a girls’ trip just because a few boys stopped in?

Ramona Can't Handle the Truth

Carole is casually dating Russ and he was not living at the villa. Sonja and LuAnn are single so they if they did have a man come over to visit, who cares? They did not have them move into the villa!

Aviva said she expected me to put up a banner welcoming her, are you kidding me? One minute, she's angry at me for talking about her prosthetic leg and the next she's angry because I'm not talking about or acknowledging her phobias. I can't win with her.

When I got back to the table, Carole was standing up and crying, big drops of tears were running rapidly down her face. She very quietly mouthed the words, “Can't talk now.”

I so wanted to hug her and take away whatever pain she was feeling. I respected Carole’s wishes and backed away quickly. This way, she could recover from her emotions privately. She never told me until we left the island that she was reliving the deaths of her loved ones. Some things are sacred and shouldn't be shared with the world. When I genuinely care about someone I protect them.

Aviva, Aviva. The way Aviva spoke to Sonja was so uncalled for. She was so was insulting to Sonja and me. Aviva was making up stories, and I thought Sonja handled it quite well. 'Return to sender' was the funniest comment Sonja ever said to Aviva. Here we were worried about Reid being a problem at the villa, but he wasn’t -- it was Aviva.

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Sonja and Aviva Fight About the Girls' Trip

In the end Sonja, LuAnn, Heather, and I went for dinner and we all had a super great time. It made me realize how draining and how needy Aviva is.

On our last day I wanted to stay as far away from Aviva as I could. Sadly, Carole planned an entire day at the villa where we were around each other all day. I really wished I left for the day and had done my own thing.

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So Much Nipple and Vagina

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