Selective Memory

Selective Memory

Ramona wonders why LuAnn is only remembering parts of St. Barths and why Aviva can't let go.

Well we are back from St. Barths and there is still a lot to talk about!

I have a long history with Sonja and LuAnn and thought it would be nice to get together. I really wanted a drama free evening. We were having the men cook with Pamela Morgan in her stunning Fifth Ave Apartment, FLIRTING FOR FLAVORS!

The girls and I rehashed about A-diva in St. Barths. OK, I know we discussed about Reid going to a hotel, but once they arrived no one asked them to leave and we were embracing the situation. I did answer A-diva that I thought perhaps the dynamic would change. LuAnn said the same thing in my bedroom.

A-diva’s ranting and raving towards Sonja and I was completely uncalled for. She has been relentless in her verbal punishment. LuAnn doesn't seem to get that. But, LuAnn really doesn't get much, like throwing me under the bus. Look at how she is able to act as everything is fine with her and Jacques. It’s as if nothing ever happened in St Barth’s! LuAnn has selective memory and conveniently forgets what she wants to forget.

Sonja and I enjoy just hanging out alone doing nothing but chatting.When I went to her townhouse I had no idea that she had a meeting on Friday with her ex-husband. It is very obvious that Sonja is still in love with him. It’s difficult for me to comprehend as she hasn't spoken to him in person in years. Sonja was more concerned about seeing John after all these years than making a settlement with him. She was being so vulnerable and sad. It broke my heart. I really hope she achieves all of her goals from this meeting. 

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A Showdown with the Ex-Husband

We all enjoyed the pre-St. Barths Aviva. But, now she became the post St Barth’s A-diva. Where is all her anger coming from? Aviva seems to be obsessed by going on and on. Why can't she let it go? I don't understand, and it’s becoming tiring to everyone. Is A-diva’s life so empty that this is all she can focus on? I couldn't believe how she acted towards Sonja when they met up in NYC. It seems as if Aviva is jealous of the strong bond between me and Sonja.

Sonja and I are like sisters. We love being together. That's not insecurity. That's enjoying each other’s company.

I apologized not once, but twice to Aviva. She's still ranting about me!

A-diva never said she was sorry to Sonja. She only said, "Things slipped from my mouth." A-diva was acting so self-righteous and never took any blame on herself. I can't believe she said I kept on bullying her. I apologized twice to her and I never told Reid to leave. I just spoke about it and vented my feelings to the girls before they arrived. Aviva doesn't hold grudges? Are you kidding me?! I nearly choked when I heard her say that as my stomach turns.

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Ramona Over Aviva

I’m currently headed to the Mall of America for the first time! I will be doing an appearance tonight so be sure to get all the details as well as exclusive videos and blogs on Don't forget to visit "Ask Ramona" to corner me with all of your juicy questions!

Til next week!

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