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Sonja Talks Toaster Oven

Sonja explains where she is with Heather and with her toaster oven's production.

By Sonja Morgan

I was just laughing and enjoying myself teasing LuAnn but its none of my business if she got a ride home with Tomas. She's a grown woman and makes her own decisions. I don't meddle or judge I just live in the moment with my girlfriend making light of it.

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I like that LuAnn admits she lied about her ride home because she was afraid of everyone's reaction. She's owns it since everyone made such a big deal about it.

Why does Lu take what Ramona says so seriously? Sometimes I just have to giggle at the vintage "RamonaLuLu" dynamic! It really does have a life of its own.

I think Aviva would have a lot more fun on the show if she wasn't so judgmental. What happened to everyone's sense of humor?

Lets be honest -- it's clear to the viewers that I really wasn't interested in her dad. I was just rolling with life. Being respectful to a new friend who said she had her hands full with a dad like George. I seem to be losing my sense of humor also towards the end of the season with all the hard work and pressure I have been under.

However, I always get my zen once the show is in the can! I threw a lot of Sonja in the City parties and filmed tons with the new girls. There's a lot you didn't see. That's OK. I'm a team player and it was worth it. I'm not going to say it didn't take it's "wear and tear" though. I have to laugh though because you all know I don't like to venture off the east side. My whole life is there and on foot -- my lawyers, doctors, stores, friends' hotels (if they don't stay with me LOL), everyone I know is there. When I venture off the east side I go to the international airport! So to travel to the Garment District or downtown was time consuming while planning parties -- this was all while being a single mom with a busy household and building new businesses, with constant travel for cooking and other appearances. I also spend a considerable amount of time on my charities. Whew! We ALL did it though. All my fellow 'Wives.

If you read Andy Cohen's new book Most Talkative it takes 85 hours to get 45 minutes for an episode. St. Barths alone was over a hundred hours. Andy himself says you can't take it so seriously. It's television folks! It's produced to be entertaining, so obviously they use the most intense titillating moments and splice it together for jam packed excitement. The viewer can go through these moments with us on the edge of their seats. These snippets of our life are not what every girl on the show is entirely made up of. No way! We are all multi-faceted. One just can't see every side of us every season

Myself and my costars are all very fortunate people and we know that. We are gracious but we are only human and sometimes we do feel sorry for ourselves or experience loss, regret, jealousy, anger, or need to let loose! We are human beings after all, that's why it's called reality TV. I said from the beginning if someone watches the show feels better for just 30 seconds, having a laugh at me doing some ludicrous things I do whether it be superficial at the moment or deeply painful yet relative to me then fine, I'm happy for them. Even better if the viewer relates as I find so many do when the email me through my website. It means the works to me.

Aviva admits having double standards when she's angry with someone, but when she's not judging she lets everything roll so her insults were just out of anger. Once I get past the initial pain I felt from the name calling, I start to see once again how hard A-diva is on herself and therefore on others. I wish that she could understand people meet her to love her and not be paranoid (for lack of a better word). It's difficult to build a relationship with someone who is always on guard. You have to trust and love yourself to be able to love others. It's hard.

We are all children of a higher being, whether you believe in god or not and that's why I go away every two or three months away from "Sonja's Universe" to get centered. I juice-fast, cleanse, practice my yoga, meditate, and connect with nature. I do this to remember how small I really am in the REAL universe. To remember what's really important in this short time I'm here on earth. This is another reason I enjoy my charities because they remind me how fortunate I am. I have family and friends that love me unconditionally, my health and I can support myself financially since I'm 14 years old. So much to be grateful for indeed.

This has worked for me since I was a young model and getting lots of attention to my jet setting days to when I made a name for myself in NY in business as "The Straw That Stirs the Drink" to my prominent marriage after dating high profile boyfriends. I learned fast not to "drink the Kool Aid." Many people who were interested in me when I was 20 to 26 years living with the Italian Count weren't interested and sucking up when I broke off the engagement. I knew I had to stand on my own two feet. I never could have had my daughter otherwise. The mom is ultimately responsible. I am not going to depend on a man to take care of me. Like I said I was a full partner in my marriage. I married him because I respected him and loved him. That is why I am restructuring and building again. I have a knack for real estate, financial investments, putting teams together and building luxury brands. I was a brand consultant.

This leads me to my friend Heather. Like I said earlier there's hundreds of hours of film and I did thank Heather on many levels for many things she was doing for me but at the same time I also felt I wasn't being heard or understood by my new friend, which is why I made the fatal but dramatic move of bringing in Ramona which really upset the apple cart! It did get Heather's attention to the point where she agreed I should have a serious black-and-white photo of myself on a colorful box along with a posed color photo of myself.

I am the brand and that's what is different about my toaster. I endorse it and you can actually make meals in it. Not just toast as Andy joked at the reunion. Again fun sound bites! I felt Heather didn't hear me about the brand stamp and the font. That was OK. I was going to let that slide and trust to see how it came out even without research Heather has experience branding own company which took her four years to build with 20 years of experience in the business. I have 20 years of experience cooking in the toaster oven and 30 entertaining, and building luxury homes. I don't have 20 years experience building toaster ovens. I only have year-and-a-half building a toaster oven. I do have branding experience and helped others as a consultant.

When two very strong opinionated get together there is going to be an intense debate! This is normal and this is how we grow fabulous and innovative projects and hopefully new respect.

All in all Heather, I and the team pulled off a fun shoot, and it WAS fun! You don't get to see 6 am to 3 pm  -- that wouldn't be dramatic!

Not bad! Especially considering its Heather's first season. I thought she was amazing. I'm grateful to come out the other end with a friend who came from a good place. I expected too much in too little time while getting to know a new friend. For that I'm sorry. I do feel Heather would always be willing to help again though. She just said that because she was angry. I understand that! I think she understands I was hurt and felt my opinions weren't being valued.

Life is difficult as it is. We very blessed and to appear to be arguing about petty things with all the suffering others go through is not something I relish. That's why I took the time to explain my "me me me" attitude. I really take my businesses seriously and I must be proud to put my name on something. I know Heather feels the same. We are proud women.

Thanks for watching and supporting us and checkout the lost footage next Monday!

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