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The Mad Ones

Sonja shares why she wanted a girls' weekend and what she thought of Aviva's comments.

By Sonja Morgan

Sonja on the Yacht. It's Ramonja time! Our bellys are paid in full. I pay my bills in full and work my can off to support my daughter, maintain my assets, pay off my judgement I received while producing movies, keep my home, and stay independent.

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If I am white trash then I really want to embrace my inner trash, because at least I don't go around calling people nasty names. I am who I am and I want to be with people who accept me the way that I am. I don't expect people to be like me, I expect them to be themselves. I don't need people to tell me how well educated they are, and how they are THE real New Yorker. New York is a melting pot of people who come here to be themselves in very unique ways.The fact is New York is the town of tolerance. We pride ourselves on that.

Some of the viewers have said that I live too much in the past, but it is just not true. I live in the moment and celebrate the past! I have a love for life and my friendships. When I go on vacation I GO on vacation. I am in St. Barths to have an extraordinary time with some extraordinary ladies and to share my special ties to the sexy island I have been going to every year for decades. And the key word: ladies! 

At on point Carole had floated the idea that we go on a trip to Thailand. Sooooo Carole!!! However, after discussing vaccinations and the difficulties it would take to get there, we decided for us all to go to St. Barths (especially since I know it so well). Russ being there, I don't have to tell you, was a bonus! You saw those hotties together. . .besides, Russ would be busy working at the music festival.

The purpose of the trip was always supposed to be a girls' trip even though Aviva kept suggesting that we invite significant others. I did not have any problem with Russ visiting. He always came after rock star hours and Carole would visit him at his hotel. He knew why we were all there. Naturally, LuAnn and Ramona complained because they missed Jacques and Mario. I was frank from the beginning that I didn’t want ANY husbands/significant others in the house if we didn't all have "dates." As I mentioned before I wanted to show my girls all I knew on the island and celebrate the fantastic week we were about to share at Carole's amazing gig she scored by Saline Beach!

Why is everyone SO UPSET that I just wanted to spend quality time with my girls!?! No BOYS ALLOWED! But as you see there were boys (and a group of Italians) and I never went out of my way to make any of them uncomfortable! When Russ was around I ultimately excused myself, when the group of Italians came I was fast asleep. . .and then Reid and Aviva came. 

Look, I was French skinny dipping with my girlfriend enjoying my life. When I heard Reid and Aviva coming up the steps I handed Ramona her top and I asked Heather to hand me mine when I saw that Aviva was not moving inside of the house or up to their rooms to freshen up first. We were trying to be respectful. THAT DOESN’T MEAN we have to be happy with the arrangement, but we still managed to be POLITE. Don’t they teach you that in primary school?

Playing Cat and Mouse

I told Aviva I was happy she came. I got out of the pool and welcomed Reid to St. Barths. Did Aviva tell us all that he would be staying at a nearby hotel? Yes. Was that the case? No. But like the true gentleman he is he excused himself from the festivities and went to his room. I don't blame him. Who wouldn't love some peace and quiet on a beautiful island, with the cool breeze coming in with the taste of sea salt?  Who wouldn't love tripping down to the kitchen with the butler after the girls go out to dinner, to wait for their wife to come back romanticized?

FYI what you didn’t see when the cameras weren’t rolling was later that night at Reid's room I fixed his shower because it was overflowing and would NOT turn off. I have a lot of experience fixing my own home and so I hopped in his shower with my rubber bottomed high heels and I ever so slowly turned the fussy French hardware screw with my fingernail till it was tight enough to stop the flow! I also fixed his remote control. He was in a great mood! So was the butler because he didn't have to report flood damage to the owners.

Before I go further I must tell you something. My favorite Alice in Wonderland is “The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones mad to live, mad to talk.” I LOVE the inner freak inside people. I love quirks and oddities! I have a certain freak side! So if you say that you don't have a freak side, you are perfect? The perfect family? Life? Husband? Kids? Past? Then at least be real and be true to yourself! I really have an issue when people aren’t real, aren’t true to themselves and talk outrageously high of themselves. I never criticize except when people criticize. I do get defensive -- especially for others. I get very protective of others when they are criticized. Own what you do and own who you are.

In the preview for Season 5, everyone thought RAMONJA had struck again! Everyone thought we screwed up big time! But aha! Flashback to Scary Island! I was there for Kelly but now it's Aviva with the name calling. Projection is a funny thing. I think Reid was just fine, but people project their fears on others. Aviva should have been honest and said I can't take a girls' trip because I can't go anywhere without my husband. Including the fact she couldn't stay in the house without him. Then Carole enables her further by changing her story and saying she had Russ there. Well, I already explained that one. 

LuAnn, when we were on the boat, agreed with Ramona and I but she still felt the need to stir the pot and as I am trying to diffuse things she says "Ramona YOU said the dynamics would change." We all discussed it lightly because we were ALL surprisingly having such a good time and didn't want to ruin the "mojo." I was happy to see Ramona and LuLu getting along finally. In fact, I was joshing Lu saying you tell Reid he has to keep his word and stay in the hotel because Lu never takes a stance. It's always Ramona who says what everyone else is thinking. Of course Lu and Ramona would love to have Jacques and Mario. 

We were completely honest with Aviva and how we felt about Reid’s presence but it wasn’t enough. Never enough. What does she want from us? Ramona is right. . .did she want us to paint Reid’s name on our forehead?

We were being real and telling her exactly how we felt. Why are we being faulted for that? I’m real with Ramona all the time! When I’ve had enough Ramonja, I kick her out of my house! I am REAL with all of my friends. And even as Aviva allowed it all to escalate out of proportion I tried to diffuse the situation and then BAM! Ramona and I are being called white trash?!?

Who's White Trash?

Drunken antics in Miami??? Why come if you were against this? Because it's not true. We spent the first night at home with her and Reid on their couch sipping scotch talking the night away. The second night Ramona rushed the dinner because everyone was tired, it was a long day, and she was afraid what else might come out of George's mouth. Aviva's tune changed after St. Barth's. She was very happy with Ramonja in Miami.

I came on this trip to have fun. It ain’t fun till the fat lady sings. . .well I don’t sing. . .but I dance! I guess you saw the Snoopy dance when Tomas came to the Villa for our little party. Anyhoo, even with Aviva dumping on us after four months of the same repetition, I once again try to make her understand we are friends and not enemies, but she throws the education card at me. What does education have to do with relating to people? She didn’t want to have any of it. She doesn’t have to be "like" me. I just want her to try and be herself, and still enjoy her friends. She didn’t want to. . .well, not unless she was THROWN A PARTY upon her arrival and we kissed the ground her husband walked on?! Ludicrous.

Then she brings up Ramona saying Heather talks too much! That's water under the bridge. They bonded over tequila and on top of a table dancing in pirate outfits. That's how good St Barth's is!!!! Besides Aviva agreed with Ramona about Heather talking to much??!!! Ahhh. . .we all do??

Then at dinner when Ramona is taking the high road for the sake of the group having a good time, regardless of the fact that LuAnn blamed Ramona for the comment our mojo would change with a man in the house and after Aviva called us white trash --- Aviva doesn't stop! She admits she is relentless! Once that horse leaves the barn, there isn't a blade of grass left green. She then gives a sarcastic apology in her interview for the name calling.

I don't need any new (unfeeling) friends, I've turned a corner. May Millou RIP, I miss my good friend.

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