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Heather: Aviva Plays Up Everything

Heather shares her thoughts on Aviva's asthma excuse and the ladies' Montana adventures.

To take the Rocky Mountain road or not? That is the question...

Now everyone is getting ready for the Wild, Wild West! Carole and I are googling, Sonja is packing her cheap undies for the trip…poor Montana. She should have brought her Yummie panties--currently $10! -- and she’d be set for horses and hay. . or a roll therein! And Ramona is "soaking" in Aviva’s story.


I guess when someone says they’ve "been healthy their whole life" it depends on one's perspective. When I first met Aviva, she was lovely but riddled with phobias that included a fear of elevators, a fear of heights, fear of flying, and a fear of boats -- to name those I can recall.

All of which came to a head when trying to plan a getaway to celebrate Carole completing her first novel, The Widows Guide to Sex and Dating. Now, out of nowhere, when trying to plan a trip to Montana, she says she is suffering from moderate to severe asthma? Well which is it? I believe it's either mild to moderate or severe? But either way, she cannot travel with us once again and has a doctor's note to prove it. Who gets a doctor's note at this age? Unless you need it for your employer? 

Bottom line is, Aviva doesn't play down a thing, but she certainly plays up everything. . .A wheelchair? You've got to be kidding me.

But enough of that -- Huckleberry Hound me up! We are in Missoula, Montana! At first glance, it's beautiful BUT, if all we've got here for the next few days are these gorgeous mountains and this gaggle of girls. . .we are gonna have to get juiced! I was so excited to come, but it is a little more isolated than I had imagined. But right away, we get in the saddle and I feel like we've definitely come to the right place. At least I know I'm in the right place.

I was happy Ramona didn't cause too much of a stir with the horses and we got underway. I just wanted to be sure Sonja felt OK, because the last time she was on a horse she got thrown off, which really sucks. But I'm confident riding the range out west will be a different experience for her than riding English in a corral back East.I wanted to cheer on Sonja to give her the confidence she needed to rock that saddle, and she did it! But the big surprise came from Carole who corralled those cattle like only a real cowgirl can -- she was amazing. It was so much fun! I mean what's better than this? Yee-haw!

Dinner at the Arena was super cool -- and to clarify, we only walked through the indoor training arena, we did not eat in it, Singer! We got to watch real cowboys and cowgirls in action and it was majestic how they ride and work the horses. They can get them to turn on a dime. Amazing! The private room set up for us was in the back in a beautiful setting with our own staff and custom menu. Yummie. Too bad the conversation immediately went right back to NYC with the gossiping facialist who seems to be a bigger news source than NBC! Ohhh it’s all so silly -- and even more so when I hear this rumor about an affair between Russ and Sonja! I only wish Sonja would have said no, on all fronts. Nonsense!

And a side note, call them boring, but my hair and makeup people don't talk smack to me about others, but when you hear a bullsh-- lie about yourself, the best thing to do is laugh. However, if someone doesn't laugh, it doesn't make them a bully! It's so clear LuAnn just needs Sonja to stand up for her, even if just for a minute. What ever happened to see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil?

Tune in next week for more at this rodeo!



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