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Kristen on Sonja's Walk of Shame

Kristen didn't believe everything that Sonja's facialist told her, but she sure did think it was hilarious.

Sonja Drama: All that drama with Sonja, all the yelling and screaming, for her to go outside and cause a big fuss to come inside and nothing? Just like, the tantrum is over? Reminds me a lot of Kingsley and her terrible twos. . .I should have just put Sonja in a time out.

Lu's charity fashion show: What a gorgeous location and wonderful charity. Lu is truly a wonderful host! How fun meeting the mystery guest Kelly! She was really sweet, and I enjoyed chatting with her. I was in the show, so I was unaware of all of the drama with the text message! Aviva was really into showing everyone the text. Proud of her father's sexcapades?!? Sooo bizarre and gross. It was great to see Ramona go and ask the Miss USA for the details. Leave it to Ramona to get the scoop. Love it. The bidding war over the dress between Aviva and Carole was interesting -- at least that little war was for charity!

So weird that Aviva brings this gross conversation up during the speech at the luncheon? Not OK. Tacky! And stop swearing on your LEG! It's straight up weird to do. . .

Facial at Sonja's: OMG!!! So funny. Sonja asks you to come over for a facial, you run over -- have you seen her skin? Hello. Amazing! Satiko is the best and quite witty! Have you ever seen the movie The Women? Where the manicurist spills the beans to the woman about her hubby cheating? I was in that movie during this facial!

I didn't believe it all of course -- but wow! I know you are all thinking, "Would Kristen still think it was funny if this woman was talking about her?" YES I would! We all know that none of it was true! What about Sonja with the walk of shame? Priceless!


Aviva's art party: Why does Aviva want everyone to know about her father's sex life? I personally would shy away from that, for sure! That's definitely not charity luncheon talk. I would save it for after -- or at least until after Bonnie Fuller is done with her speech!

Lu's daughters art is amazing!!!

It's truly a mystery how Miss America made it to Lu’s luncheon??? Or is it?

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