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Ramona Explains Why She Didn't RSVP to Heather

Ramona just wanted to give Heather and Aviva a little push for the better of the group, even if Aviva does seem to favor drama.

By Ramona Singer

Have you missed me? WOW! Didn't think I would miss so much. Time to play catch up. . .

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Honestly, I can't believe how much I missed while I was in Africa. The trip was peaceful and relaxing. I came back feeling so zen and rejuvenated. There was no screaming and no drama. What a change! Unfortunately, it was short-lived and I was thrown back into the lion's den.

There was so much tension as soon as I returned, and as I was caught up all I could think was: "I don't want to deal with this." That's why I tried to bring peace to the group. I wanted everyone to just calm down so I could hold on to my peacefulness just a tad bit longer! Judging by how much drama was still going on when I returned, I'm certainly glad I wasn't there for the main event!

I remember being really thrown off and a little hurt when Heather did not invite me to London last year. It's not a great feeling to not be included when everyone else is. Obviously, with Aviva being the only one who was not going to be invited to the party, it did seem like history repeating itself. By alienating Aviva, it was only going to prolong the issue.

I thought it was urgent that Heather and Aviva make amends so we could all just hang out and get along. It was for the better of the group that not too much time passed with all the fighting. I felt they needed to meet up and just squash it. They needed a little push -- so I was there to give it to them!



Sometimes Aviva speaks without thinking. That's what she did when she compared Sonja to Anna Nicole Smith. It was clearly not a compliment and when Heather called her out on it referencing the previous comment about a"downward spiral," you could tell by her face she realized and was embarrassed.

Aviva does seem to favor drama a bit. I think this has been pretty evident since the "Where is my banner?!?" St Barth's debacle.

When Heather invited me to her anniversary party, it was a true sign our friendship was taking a turn for the better. It had occurred to me though that Avery was leaving for school in four weeks. I wanted to spend that Friday and weekend with her, just hanging at home, seeing her girlfriends come over and spending that time with her. I admit it was selfish of me -- but when it comes to my daughter, I would do anything.

I didn't tell Heather I wasn't coming because I didn't want to upset her the night of the party. Maybe that wasn't the right decision. I did send her the most beautiful arrangement of flowers I could find the next day as an apology for missing her special night.

I didn't take Heather's comments about Sonja and I being on the fringe to heart. When people are hurt they say things they don't mean. We have since moved past it as that's what true friends do!

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Til next time. . .


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