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I Don't Have to Prove My Loyalty to LuAnn

Sonja doesn't understand why LuAnn has no trust in her friendship -- or why they couldn't go out to eat.

I couldn't believe the girls canceled the dinner reservations because the restaurant at the Paws Up is fabulous with an amazing view from the veranda and has a gorgeous sunset. The service at this point had been very iffy at the cabins, and Ramona had yet to pick up the phone to put that in its place -- so I didn't understand why Kristen would take it upon herself to try to host a dinner.

I already had cabin fever since the only thing we could see for miles was trees and cabins -- our two cabins. I know Kristen was already edgy and Lu had definitely been riding my ass since my Setai spa outing asking about my house. Even though she said it wasn't proper etiquette to talk about a woman's finances, she laced right into it at the winery, pushing me about my business opportunities. I just wanted to relax and have a good laugh and enjoy myself. I don't interrogate my friends about their businesses and household finances, even though I hear things. I'm here to support them and to make them feel good about themselves.

It would have been nice to see some other people at the restaurant with a lighter atmosphere who may just appreciate me for being me.

Speaking of lighter atmosphere when Henry showed up in his white nubucks I found that very funny since he was the cleaning crew/maintenance guy/butler/clean-out-the-fridge guy -- and his shoes were spotless. He and I had a good, light-hearted time. I love housekeeping and making sure everyone is comfortable, especially Ramona. She needs things to go smoothly on vacation.


When LuAnn says that she and Kristen are from Connecticut and that's why they get along so well, I couldn't help myself but to say I wouldn't admit that. I consider myself a Connecticuter, since I lived there my entire marriage and I think it's the most beautiful state in America. However my comment was more aimed at LuAnn because she was just really aggravating me being so sweet with her new friend Kristen, yet every five minutes complaining about me not being a good friend.

LuAnn's trust level really sank. I find that disappointing. My friends know me and trust me intuitively. They don't question my loyalty. I'm one of the most loyal people you will ever meet. To a fault. I certainly don't need to prove that to LuAnn, my reputation precedes me.


I still say if I want to ask my facialist to tell me what the beauty industry is saying then that's my privilege. LuAnn's lack of trust in me is an insult. I don't have to prove my loyalty and friendship to LuAnn, as I said. LuAnn knows very well I'm not jealous of her relationship. When I made those comments that she goes to lunch, shops, and has Jacques, it was in direct relation to the fact that I don't have any time to spend with her leisurely doing those things -- other then whatever we do already, which is a lot! I did however last year confront Jacques to say that I'm sure he wants marriage and children, and I know that LuAnn wants different things in life. I want her to be happy and not lose time.

As I said in my blog last week we do a lot of things together and LuAnn just seems to have a short memory. Like I said she's the Queen of C.R.A.F.T. (Can't Remember a Fracking Thing). It's starting to look to me like LuAnn's not very happy and maybe there is trouble in paradise with Jacqueas because she's acting very needy. I wish for her to just come out with it and say what's really on her mind -- because her problems not with me. Her problems are definitely not with the facialist and what the beauty industry is saying, because who cares if they say she's a dominatrix and only likes short Frenchmen? Every Frenchman is short next to her! She's a statuesque beauty and she is told this constantly. Jacques is shorter! You have to laugh especially when playing the game of telephone.

Please see my blog and pictures of LuAnn happy as a clam with me at my Sonja In The City Season 6 Premiere Party! And very cozy with Harry too!

I was very happy to shoot the clays and to see I still had good aim. I said beginner's luck about Carole, but it seems she has beginners luck at everything. She won at croquet, she did very well surfing, and now she's a great shooter! She's a sports woman.

I don't think anyone likes playing geocache in the woods, especially without a refreshment cart. They should have a golf cart with the cooler and beverages on ice. It felt more like The Hunger Games with the heat building between Kristen and Heather. I told Kristen that she shouldn't have done that wall climbing or whatever it's called. That was just the beginning of the tension. I called the geocaching "geocrashing."

I had to bring up the "tall girl syndrome" again as I have noticed they do tend to be bossy. Having said that, I'm pretty bossy myself so that would mean I have Napoleon syndrome.

I wasn't so shocked to see Kristen and Heather battling it out because Kristen has been judgmental of everyone and just openly voicing her critical opinion of everyone. She crossed the line when she brought Heather's husband into the equation. Kristen loves to get a rise out of people. When I met Kristen, I took her under my wing to share my facialist, my spray tan gal from Francky L'Official, and my favorite lingerie shop Lingerie on Lex, because I like to empower and inspire people. We talked about her greeting card business and how after she became a mom she let that go. She really needs to get back into being herself and being independent.

Tune in next next week to see more of our matching cabins in Montana and more fun activities. And what did you think of the glamping? I will definitely go back to Paws Up when I have a special guy in my life to do the glamping. The butlers were fantastic and the food was delicious.

See you next week.

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