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Sonja: Sure I Was Buzzed

Sonja admits to being buzzed when she returned, but she won't stand by as the ladies lie to her face.

By Sonja Morgan

This girl Cody knows exactly what she wants and she IS in love. I'm convinced and so is Aviva. She is independent and enjoys his company.

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I can't believe I got caught on camera in the confessionals with the coffee and diet coke at once. I was embracing my inner trash. Priceless! When we film for five months it's not the healthiest time period for me. Hey! As Sinatra says "Whatever gets you through the night!" I have my good moments and I sure have my bad moments.

I love the hat scene at Suzanne's. LuAnn told me she was a pumpkin head and I said I was a pinhead. Ages ago! I like inside jokes between friends. It makes me feel closer that I can joke like that between close friends in front of others. It shows how intimate we are. also have that with Ramona and Aviva. It takes trust. I do see here and there though that Lu and Ramona are a bit testy these days in front of me. When I am not around they are making snide remarks that they couldn't possibly mean. I think something is going on in their lives aside from me that they are not sharing with me either. More to come!

I can't believe I say to Ramona a million times do NOT mention Cody's parents passing and of course she does! She says I'm a broken record and she tunes me out! Grrrrreat. Who doesn't hear the word leukemia?


Lu feels I don't spend enough time with her so we go for a bike ride? OK?!? We are adults! I can go without seeing a close friend for years and know that they are there for me, and they know I am there for them. It really just alwwwwaaaays boils down to Ramona.

By the way, this concept is fictional because I don't spend all that much time with Ramona. We just seem to be together all the time because of our on-screen chemistry. I don't decide that. I actually see Lu just as much. She is a lot of fun when she lets her hair down.

I love getting ready with Lu in Saratoga. I always wear the Fashion Forms bra inserts and "nipple covers." Love to share my tips.

This Kristen really likes to ruffle the feathers. I am not drinking hard liquor at 10. A mimosa made from prossecco is hardly hard liquor. What a Debbie Downer. I did not invent the mint julep at the races, and we did not get there until after the third race. So that would not be 10 am -- nor did we even have the juleps. We did have tequila though! We always seem to imbibe on the girls' trips!

I always like to bet $2 on a horse coupled up with long shots. I don't mind losing $90 on the whole day with the chance of winning thousands and thousands, but I'm not betting hundreds on a single race. In fact, at the end the day I collected more then $70 back on all the long shots that were scratched.

So I had fun and lost little, but if I won, I would have won big! I was happy for the girls, but they sure liked to rub it in when I lost! I really get tired of the negativity. Hey, if I lose at the races but win in love, I'm happy!

The girls left me in the paddock to go box hopping. They went without me. They didn't really want me to come, which is why I said, "You did not come and take me by the arm and say Son. . .we are leaving." I was with the rest of the crew, played the rest of the races, went to see friends in the winners' circle with winning horses, and then to Siro's.

Lu told me over and over she was going to Siro's. I was sure to meet up with her there. The others were planning on going back to nap and eat dinner at home. I went back to the house to be "dramatized", accused of leaving them and being a mean drunk. Anyone who knows me, knows I'm a lover and get mushy and kissy when I tip the cups. Quite the contrary to what the girls say!

I'm very easy going, but if you get in my face and LIE that always brings out my fierce side. I hate liars. Was I buzzed? Sure! That's what you do at Saratoga, you watch the horses and imbide, if you drink. I shot hoops, making baskets outside the house in Saratoga before entering the ambush of jealous biddies who obviously felt left out of fun I had. They made the choice to nap and go home. Then I packed my bag alone, grabbed my hat box and my Birkin, and go down the stairs to leave. Drunk? I think not.

Go to my Facebook page to see me making the baskets after Siro's and before the attack of the girls who missed out meeting my friends who own winning horses. Next time they better stick by my side and not dump me to go box hopping! Who does that?!

But of course the puppy Kristen has to stick her nose into it again when Heather and Lu say, "Just let it go, do not go up and aggravate her further." LuAnn texted me? She knew exactly where I was going -- Siro's. Just as we planned and talked about all day. Everyone leaves the stands after the races and goes to Siro's. I had a great time. They simply missed out, and then they blame me!?! [video_clip_url:]

Now later, when they talk "the straw that stirs the drink" into staying and not going off the Hampton's after doing the entire day at the track.... you will see drunk! Why do they need me to stay if I'm so mean?

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