Bethenny: Ramona and Sonja Definitely Have Game

Bethenny: Ramona and Sonja Definitely Have Game

Bethenny talks about Girls' Night Out and explains the Ramona/dress story. 

Ooohhh I really love this episode; it made me giggle! This season gets better with every week and comes to an amazing peak.

Dorinda is a great Housewife, and I loved her commentary this week. The brunch thing is just absolutely absurd. What more can I say about that? Of course I'm writing "Bitches Who Brunch."

It was so nice to welcome you into my new home in the Hamptons. Home really is where the heart is. I love having a place to celebrate family and friends during the summer. The city is great, but there is nothing like a backyard and a place to just decompress. And, as I controversially explained, I haven't had that stability in Manhattan (for reasons I cannot disclose) and have longed for consistency and a real home.

Well, I'm doing another renovation. This time I am taking no prisoners; there is an even greater sense of urgency, and I can't wait to transform this place into the real home I have been craving.

It is nice to see Luann and Ramona connecting again. They have more in common than we realized. We are all original Housewives, in this crazy ride from the beginning, and the evolution of their relationship will be something to watch.

I don't really want to touch the Mario stuff. They've been married for a quarter of a century, and I'm sure a lot has transpired to get them to this place. I believe it will get better between them, eventually, and I have a tremendous amount of compassion and empathy for what Ramona is dealing with. She is nothing if not strong.

The Luann/Kelly scene was ultimately a nonevent. Basically, what you saw is what you got. I felt a little bit blindsided, but I ultimately have no issue with Kelly or any other current or former Housewife. Life has been so unexpected the past few years that those rifts from the past are really inconsequential. I find them hilarious and certainly entertaining. I called out Luann, and what I respected most is that she copped. We had a great time. I put my past week with Ramona behind us, and we kept it moving.

Ramona and Sonja definitely have got game. Big points for the blondes!

Kelly Bensimon Returns!

People seem to be gearing up for some Sonja drama, so at that point, I was confused and intrigued by so much talk about her career or lack thereof. I was motivated to get under the hood and see what was going on with Sonja for sure.

Bethenny Wants to Help Sonja

As for the Ramona dress story, there is more to it, and we will get there as the season goes on. But there is one correction. Ramona was not wearing the said dress. It was hanging in my dressing room and is coincidentally the dress I wore when Heather was on my show.
My favorite moment of this episode is when Ramona’s sister said about me, “She’s not well. I could tell from the karma going in”… lol!

All in all, it feels like the humor is there, and we're planting seeds for some drama and fun to come.

I Suck at Relationships:

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