By the Numbers: #RHONY's Season 7 Reunion

By the Numbers: #RHONY's Season 7 Reunion

We know you're anxious for details on what went down during the recent Real Housewives of New York City reunion taping.

We got the scoop on what happened at the Season 7 reunion. Needless to say, we're more excited than ever for it to finally air.

[listicle number="1" listicle title="Ladies who wore pants to the reunion: 1 "][/listicle]

One of the Housewives broke out from the pack with an edgy look that was anything but traditional. 

2. Number of walk-offs: 0

Sadly, no dramatic walk-offs this season, but that doesn't mean all the ladies stayed seated...

[listicle number="3" listicle title="Times someone got out of their seat: 3"][/listicle]

Just wait until you find out why.

[listicle number="4" listicle title="Times Ramona said she needed a break: 2"][/listicle]

You knew it was bound to happen at least once.

[listicle number="5" listicle title="Times the Housewives cried: 6"][/listicle]

Things definitely got emotional inside the reunion.

[listicle number="6" listicle title="Times someone blamed bad editing: 1"][/listicle]

And yes, the rest of the ladies all jumped on this person for it.

[listicle number="7" listicle title="Plastic surgery confessions: 1"][/listicle]

No one pulls juicy secrets out of Housewife quite like Andy.

[listicle number="8" listicle title="Times Sonja mentioned she used to be in PR: 2"][/listicle]

There were also a couple mentions of smoky eyes, updos, and Gstaad. 

[listicle number="9" listicle title="Mentions of Twitter: 3"][/listicle]

One of the ladies was accused of being nasty on Twitter.

[listicle number="10" listicle title="Times Andy told the ladies not to talk over each other: 12"][/listicle]

It's not an easy job, but someone has to do it.

[listicle number="11" listicle title="Drinks consumed at the end of the night: lost count"][/listicle]

Hey, reunions can be stressful...



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