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Dorinda: There Was a Line To Take Hits at Bethenny

Dorinda discusses her birthday weekend bust and says Bethenny had a target on her back at AOA. 

By Dorinda Medley

I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am that my 50th birthday weekend is over. Seriously. I don’t even want to comment on it. Clearly, the girls used my birthday as more of an exorcism opportunity than a celebration. Opened their hearts, expressed themselves, unleashed the beasts within like a bunch of girls gone wild, justified their love and hate and took themselves to borderline insanity — all while on holiday. Sooner or later, you have to thank your lucky stars we’re not all related. (You’re welcome). I felt I was in the back seat for the entire thing. Like those people who invite guests to a party and then never really show up. And I thought Ramona’s birthday went on forever...Glad mine is done and we finally moved onto Christmas parties and product launches. Next year, I might just charge for admission. Considering how it went this year, I’ll just walk in and take a bow. (OK, I’m done with that. Thanks Madge!)

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Avery Wants Ramona to Be Happy

Speaking of Ramona, I can’t tell you how happy I am for her and Avery. They’ve both grown up so nicely, right? Ramona is centered, calm, cool and collected now. And Avery is such a breath of fresh air. Especially considering how New York tends to affect kids of her generation. It’s great to watch their relationship grow. And let me tell you, at some point, you find yourself having “girl talk” with your own daughters and they really become your best friends. I’ve been there already and it’s really gratifying. Look at Luann and Victoria, Ramona and Avery and me and Hannah. (Bethenny will get to that point before she knows it, I guarantee it!) In the end, children “kinda” like to know what’s going on, but you have to be sensitive to the “TMI.” In a way, those boundaries between mother and daughter completely evaporate, which does have its pros and cons, I guess, but it’s still refreshing. I think Ramona handled this one beautifully and I am very proud of how she’s juggling it all. Honestly. So proud, I’m actually impressed. Well done, Mona!!!! Remember everybody, I’ve known Ramona for a long time and, though her delivery is not always the best, her intentions for me and her friends have always been the best.

And speaking of other spectacular moms I’m proud of, wasn’t it interesting watching Sonja at Bethenny’s summit? I adore Sonja and I love watching her just be Sonja. (Seriously, between her and Ramona, there’s a Discovery Channel special just begging to be made.) But anyway, this wasn’t some bullsh-- summit at Cipriani, with cocktail waitresses offering you a refresher, this was a no-bullsh-- business meeting — the real deal. I’m glad Sonja got to be involved and it makes me a little nostalgic for the business world, I’ll admit. I want to sit in on the next one and just watch these masterminds at work. I’m glad Bethenny involved her on some of the action, even if Lady Morgan did show up in an sequined business suit….en pointe!
I’m also excited about Kristen’s Pop Of Color nail polish launch. She’s quite the business woman and I’m pretty impressed with her, too. Wow, these girls are real movers and shakers. I have to get in on some of this action…

Did Kristen Attack Bethenny?

So, with that, I’ll segue to our AOA Christmas party. AOA is a fun, upscale, stylish sports bar with lots of energy. Kind of like Ramona. The atmosphere is high energy and the food is pretty great. I really love the way the TVs were all on fireplace mode and not on a sports game — that was nice. And that’s as far as “nice” got. (To be honest, this was a party I really had no interest in going to.) As you know, whenever the girls get together, there’s some drama afoot and I felt it was going to be another Salem bonfire. I knew Heather was still upset, I knew Luann was annoyed and I knew Kristen wasn't happy, but I was hoping — fervently hoping — that everyone would remember ‘tis the season to be festive. And it’s cold enough outside, no need to bring in any bone-chilling iciness to a party, right?? So…um…I’ll just say that I was really pleased everyone had a nice sparkly outfit. That was the highlight.

That night, it seemed Bethenny was the target. But it was so aggravating because it seemed like there was literally a line forming to take hits at her. Like a line for a picture with Santa at Macy’s, but instead of wishlists, billy clubs and night sticks. As soon as she walked in, the punches started swingin'! As you know, I have no beef and rarely do, so I decided to just be one of the little elves in the background. I’m more comfortable back there. If it’s something serious, I’ll jump at someone’s throat, but why make petty mountains out of petty molehills? Haven't we learned anything int his last few weeks? Bethenny does not like to be confronted on the spot…who does??? This kind of approach is a recipe for disaster — and not just with Bethenny — with ANYONE who doesn’t like to waste their time. I mean, it’s a party, girls!!! Right? I mean…RIGHT!?!? So guess what, she bites back. Why is anyone surprised? Just an annoying disaster. Everyone wants to engage with her more, I get it. But I just keep going back to the same question: what’s the point? We’re all adults and yet we can’t act like adults. I’ve never understood that.

Oy…just writing this gets me all ramped up. It’s exhausting to rehash other people’s rehashings. Hmm…hash browns…yum. Anyway, be good to each other, love your mothers, love your kids, love your friends, love your lovers and love yourself.
After all, I’m just a simple girl living for love. ;)

Until next week, xx!

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