Kristen: Dinner Was a Serious Roller Coaster

Kristen: Dinner Was a Serious Roller Coaster

Kristen explains what really happened the morning of the Atlantic City trip.

Viva Atlantic City!
Let me set the good old record straight…
We all agreed to meet at Sonja’s house at a certain time. I can’t remember the exact hour, but I do know that it was early enough that I was not able to take my kids to school. Heather was also up early and wanted to be on time for our girls getaway, so she also missed taking her kids to school, so both of us organized childcare so we could get to Sonja’s on time to leave.
It was the worst weather ever--pouring rain, howling wind, and freezing cold. Heather, Dorinda, and I were the first ones to arrive at Sonja’s. Just outside her front door there was a complete sh--storm going on between major construction, non-stop noise, the rain, and wind. Maybe that was a little prelude of what was to come...

There was no car in sight, so we go into Sonja’s house, hoping for a warm welcome and to be able to chill inside until she is ready and all the girls arrive. Well, it turns out it was colder inside Sonja’s house than it was outside, because she refused to let us in and asked us to lug all of our suitcases and bags and go and wait at the Starbucks on the corner, instead. This made absolutely no sense. She has this huge townhouse in which she lives alone, and of course her interns, and she asked us to meet her there, and now we have to go and wait around the corner at Starbucks, because she’s running late and behind schedule. Hmm...that’s not very polite and didn’t make any sense, and it sure pissed Heather off...
When Ramona arrives, she tells us Bethenny is running an hour late. At that point, Heather lost it, as did I. Why was Bethenny late? Because she had to go all the way downtown (to my neighborhood where I had just come from) to…drop her daughter off at school! The very thing Heather and I couldn’t do, because we wanted to be on time. Once again...communicate early in the morning. It’s easy. Just say, “Hey ladies, I’m running late, take your time.” If you know that you need to do certain things (Sonja, Bethenny), let us all know the night before, and we will accommodate you. It is incredibly selfish and rude for Sonja to invite us for a weekend, insist we meet all the way uptown at her house, and then have the nerve to keep us waiting for an hour in the rain, because she wouldn’t let us inside! Annoying to say the least, so between the rain, the weather, the ladies, ahh off to a bad start. Hmm, do you think what happens on the way to AC stays in AC? I sure hope so!
It starts in the car with Bethenny and Sonja. Bethenny is really trying to help Sonja out…no more repeating and no more speaking of the past about all the extravagant friends, parties, trips, yachts, houses, businesses, etc. It’s funny to watch Bethenny genuinely trying to help but quickly becoming frustrated by Sonja’s madness. I will say, we all tried to warn her! I personally do really care for Sonja and think she is a very smart, savvy woman with  a huge heart, and she is funnier than anything. I am starting to think she is not well, because it used to feel like an act but not anymore. I said tonight that I thought Sonja’s tears were fake, but Luann was quick to point out that they weren't. Did you ever see the movie Blue Jasmine with Cate Blanchett? Sonja sort of reminds me of her.
All seriousness aside, Sonja needs some help. Bethany nailed it, and I was sooo thrilled to see her really break it down to Sonja. Bethenny clearly really cares for Sonja, and she has known her for all these years, and she has seen this crazy change in her. I personally only recently met Sonja, and this is the only Sonja I have experienced and gotten to know. I think it is great Bethenny really wants to help her, but she is begging Sonja to acknowledge the fact she needs help, and poor Sonja is so deep in denial and continues to rant about crazy things, like how she’s been in PR her whole life…but fingers crossed there is a breakthrough.

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The Ladies Question Sonja's Behavior

OK, I am jumping around a bit...when we got to AC, we were so relieved to be out of that damn car! It was such a treat to stay at the Borgata, because the hotel and rooms are really beautiful and comfortable. I was excited to unwind and take a bath and rest up for a big night. Lucky me, I got a suite to myself! WOO-HOO!
I like to push the limit with my style and felt that wearing two different colored shoes would be wild and crazy and fun for AC. I mean, Carole had on a pair of Playboy Bunny ears, and I had two different colored heels, all in good fun. I personally don’t care what anyone else thinks, so when Ramona asked what was going on with my shoes, I joked with her that I forgot one. I was kidding--the whole look was intentional. Check out for details!
Dinner was a serious roller coaster, because we were there to celebrate Ramona’s birthday and have some fun. And Bethenny was still trying to get through to Sonja, and then Sonja starts crying...ugh! I just remember thinking, enough is enough already…let’s keep this light and fun. After all, it’s Ramona's birthday! We’re supposed to be celebrating! Sonja has a wonderful way of always making sure the attention is on her, and everything always circles back to her. But Bethenny trying to help is appreciated, and yeah, let’s celebrate Ramona.

Bethenny Is Sick of the Digs

On a side note, it was interesting to hear Carole, Bethenny, and Luann speaking of Lu’s hair and Carole being quick to point out that she is from Connecticut, not Europe...LOL. Something is brewing on that front! The Countess of Connecticut.
The ladies all went back upstairs after dinner to freshen up. I didn’t want to go all the way up, so I hit the floor to gamble. When I ran into Bethenny, I sat down at the empty seat beside her. I didn’t realize she wanted to be alone...hmm. Oh well. However, when Elvis pops up out of the blue on that guy’s hat, I knew I was in for something good. Elvis seems to always be with me in some weird and mysterious way, and in this case, he was my good luck charm. With Bethenny's help, I won $800. Call it beginner’s luck, but I say thanks to Elvis and Bethenny!
The nightclub was fun. It’s always fun to dance with the ladies. Oh, Sonja, I don’t even need to comment, but she was having fun and getting her erotic dance on and a few free shots for the club (if you know what I mean). Ramona made it clear she has a hard time handling Sonja when she is in that state and thought it was very kind of Dorinda to look after Sonja and make sure she made it back to her room in one piece safe and sound.

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Bethenny Just Can't With Sonja

The amazing thing about Sonja is she shows up to breakfast fresh as a daisy as if nothing happened the night before.
I have to say Bethenny legit cares about Sonja, because she even takes more time to pull her aside and try and talk to her and help her through whatever she is going through. I think they can understand each other through some of the same challenges they probably face with divorce and being single mothers, but Bethenny is trying her best to help Sonja, and I think that is sweet.

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