Kristen: Ramona Is One Tough Cookie

Kristen: Ramona Is One Tough Cookie

Kristen dishes on the brunch drama and wants to thank Luann for asking the hard questions.

Well, you don’t see much of me this week, but I am going to tell you what I saw!

The whole brunch thing was silly and juts one big miscommunication. Where do we brunch? We decided after a bunch of back-and-forth to go ahead and do both so as to not ruffle anyone’s feathers.

Side note: How does Ramona openly STEAL a dress from Bethenny and then post it on social media? Hello, that's nutso.

Bethenny’s house is gorgeous. I love the red Skinnygirl accents everywhere. We walked in, and it was one huge product placement! Too funny. It was really a gifting suite--we shamelessly left with gifts. I am a fan of her products, so I was excited. (Have you tried her popcorn or her bars?! Yum! Yum! Yum!) Food was yummy, and I was happy to have a few drinks and get to know Bethenny a bit more. Everyone is much more relaxed and themselves in their own home.

It was refreshing to have Bethenny offer to take on the Sonja project. I pretty much think the rest of us ladies are tapped out in that department. Bethenny has a fresh eye to the whole thing, a new perspective. Did I just hear Bethenny call Sonja delusional? Hmmmmm…

Bethenny Wants to Help Sonja

Bethenny's apartment...I feel as though I am having déjà vu. Haven’t we been in this renovation moment with her just a minute ago, same contractor? I feel for her. I can’t imagine going through having you daughter part-time, getting divorced, and having to build another home from the ground up. That’s a lot and really tough.

Lu and Ramona have come full circle in their relationship and seem to have a lot in common.

Kristen Taekman

It’s really nice to see Ramona and Luann getting on so well, and Lu is asking all those hard questions we’ve wanted to ask and haven’t… now we’ll get to know the answers. Thanks, Lu! Wow! Ramona is really one tough cookie. Lu and Ramona have come full circle in their relationship and seem to have a lot in common. When they showed the flashback of the tarot card reader, that was really trippy right? WOW!

Girls' Night Out...Damn, these girls were really getting the men that night. #meatmarket

I think Lu should have 100% mentioned to Bethenny that Kelly was going to be there. That was bizarre. That being said, if Bethenny was OK with Kelly, why would she be all weird at the bar for 30 minutes?  #vintagelu 

Kelly Bensimon Returns!

Ramona looks really hot, so does Carole!

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