Luann: Divorce Suits Ramona

Luann: Divorce Suits Ramona

Luann shares what she thinks of the new 'Wife, Dorinda, and why she thinks divorce is working in Ramona's favor. 

Welcome to Season 7! Fancy seeing me here, right? One should never “count out the Countess,” darling. I’m back on the show full-time, having the time of my life and a total blast with the girls. Well, with most of them anyway…

Over the past year, I’ve been simplifying parts of my life and ramping up others. As you saw, I downsized and sold my large home in Bridgehampton and bought a smaller house on the water. It’s a perfect little slice of heaven for me, and it was a good way to definitely close one chapter and open a new one. I’m happy to say that my kids love the house, and they’re doing great. You’ll get to see them this season.

I’m happy to have Bethenny back! We’ve always kept in touch, and I admire all she’s accomplished “on her time off,” LOL. We have a much different relationship now, of course. When life happens and you experience its ups and downs, your perspective on a lot of things—including peoplealways undergoes a little makeover. It’s tough to watch Bethenny and Ramona's marriages crumble, especially with young children involved. It takes a serious emotional toll, no matter how strong you are. Bethenny is a trooper, and I hope it all works out the way she wants it to. When Bethenny and I were having a cocktail and she said that sometimes “love isn’t enough,” I knew what she meant. And even though I remain a hopeless romantic, it’s true. (By the way, if that’s homeless, darling, where do I sign up? Très chic!)

Bethenny Is Starting Over Emotionally


Ramona seems to be handling her breakup pretty well, but beneath that tough facade, I know she’s hurting.

Luann de Lesseps

And now, the Ramona-coaster! Ramona seems to be handling her breakup pretty well, but beneath that tough facade, I know she’s hurting. Now, I hate to say it, but divorce suits her. She’s a much humbler person and has a broader perspective on things now that she’s had to walk a mile in my shoes, so to speak. It’s devastating, but sometimes, it might just be what you need to find yourself again. We’re all a work in progress, and with Ramona, let me tell you…she’s changed a lot. We have a different friendship this season, and I know some of you are going to be pretty shocked by this new Ramona. I welcome it with open arms. (You know…kinda like Switzerland would.)

And how fun is Dorinda? I adore her! We’ve known each other for a good 10 years, always in the same circle, and I’m beyond thrilled to have her on with us this season. She’s beautiful, insightful, goofy, poised, and her closet is — to — die — for! She came in at the perfect time, and it feels like she’s always been a part of the show. And her daughter is gorgeous! They have such a great relationship, and it’s cute to see them together. I think you’ll all fall in love with D this season.

And oh, Sonja… Really? Don’t be so, like, uncool!

When Ramona and Sonja met for lunch and all Sonja could talk about were her own problems, I cringed a little. I know Sonja means well, but you need to be a little more considerate when it comes to these things. You know I’ve had my problems with both of these ladies, but for the moment, Ramona is the one who needs support from her friends.

Ramona Is Putting On a Brave Face

Carole. Sigh. Carole’s love life always…um…gives me a chuckle. She has a great attitude about dating, so I hope her Tinder days are at least amusing her. But Tinder? Really, princess? I’ve not gone down that route and still prefer the old-fashioned way of meeting people: IN PERSON. But to each, her own.

I’m really excited for this season, and I promise: you will not be disappointed!

Until next week,

Be Cool 

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