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Luann: Ramona Was the Pilot That Night

See what Luann has to say about what really happened in Turks and Caicos and her dating advice to Ramona.

By Luann de Lesseps

The reality of being a Real Housewife is that we have our ups and downs just like other women, and underneath our designer dresses are hearts that love and break. We begin this episode with Carole and Dorinda traveling to London to collect Carole’s late husband’s urn from a church that is being sold for a development. Carole, who is normally too cool for hugging or sharing her feelings, lets us know that if she could have anything in the world, it would be one more day with her husband Anthony. For someone who is not a hugger, Carole could use a hug. Life is unpredictable, and it doesn’t always work out like we plan. It’s what we make of our lives that matters, and regardless of how I feel about my friendship with Carole, I feel for her, but I’m not sure how the Radziwills feel about this whole story being played out on television.

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Carole Remembers Her Late Husband

On a fun note, I loved the invites for Bethenny’s party! Who doesn’t like men, roses and chocolate? When Ramona was rehashing the Turks and Caicos men in villa drama with Sonja, I couldn’t believe that she called Ramona my “wing man.” I can assure you, Ramona was the pilot that night. It was Carole and Heather who broke the #GirlCode, not me. Sonja made a good point about sex on the beach, but for us, that night was about cocktails on the deck and lots of flirting.

I think anyone going through the death of a spouse could learn a lot from the conversation between Carole and Dorinda about how they felt when their husbands died. Survivor guilt is real and feeling relieved when the person you love dies is normal, especially after a long illness. Both these women loved their husbands, and their honesty with each other was refreshing. As for their thoughts on me and my past with my husband, I appreciate that Dorinda stuck up for me saying I made a very good countess. My marriage exposed me to fascinating people, and I had the chance to travel the world and for that I’m grateful, and I continue living life to the fullest.


Dorinda Opens up About Her Late Husband

Bethenny at her party stocked the bar with booze and good-looking men…perfect! Ramona needs to lighten up and realize that every party isn’t going to be filled with 55-year-old men who look like models and are also successful. She will have to hire a matchmaker if she is that impatient. Sonja and I had a fabulous time mixing and mingling, and we both know that it’s the journey that matters, not the destination.

Where Are the Hot Guys?!

Until next week, don’t break the #GirlCode and live la dolce vita!!

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