Ramona: I Was Shocked by Bethenny's Anger

Ramona: I Was Shocked by Bethenny's Anger

Ramona explains why she ran after Bethenny, and why she was surprised by her reaction.

Dorinda and I always had a special connection, and it was wonderful to have her at my home. People come into your life at different times and for different reasons. Having Dorinda around has been so helpful with the ending of my marriage with her understanding, concern, warmth, and support. I love Sonja, but I never realized how she makes it all about her. I guess it's because I never needed her in the way I do now. Sonja and I will always have a strong bond--it's just that I have always been a giving person and taken care of people I'm close to. I wish Sonja could do more of that for me, as I have always done for her, but everyone is different, and I accept it. I must say all the ladies have been very supportive toward me, including Sonja.

I was excited to see Bethenny, and I just adored Luann's new home.

As a single woman, I like to say that I am keeping company with different men. I think it sounds more dignified than dating, and I am old school at heart. I don't believe everything should just be out there... I'm far from a prude, but I like my privacy. I am trying to be more open and understanding of people. I was surprised when I invited everyone to the lunch that I was hosting in honor of Dorinda that it turned into an argument with Bethenny. Was she right? Was I right? It really doesn't matter who was right or wrong. To me, what matters is to get past it and just work it out. That's why I ran after Bethenny. I wanted to patch things up. I was shocked by her anger toward me. I felt verbally beat up by her and very hurt.

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