Sonja: The Martinis Were Clearly Too Dirty

Sonja: The Martinis Were Clearly Too Dirty

Sonja talks about the "F--- you" dinner and thinks the ladies should give Ramona a break.

Everyone in this group is wound so tight! Everyone was getting in fights over the smallest things the whole time we were in Turks and Caicos. These girls need to find new ways to relax, because a fabulous trips to an exotic country clearly isn’t working for them.

I feel bad that Ramona suggested that we go out to lunch after Bethenny had spent time creating a wonderful meal for all of us. At that point, everyone was looking for an antidote for the bad energy we had seen from the beginning of this trip. Ramona and I thought that we would all have a good time going out to lunch. In the end, compromise was the only way to solve the problem and make everyone happy. Once I saw that Bethenny was getting upset, we had no problem ditching our plans and eating at home together.

Then, Ramona was simply searching for advice on a title of the book, and of course Bethenny and Heather, the alpha dogs, had to turn a lovely lunch into a competition between themselves. Bethenny and Heather are both type A personalities who feel that they know the best way to do things. It’s their way or the highway. These women don’t seem to understand that in life there is not one right answer that works for everyone. They should have provided a few suggestions to Ramona and then moved the conversation along--no one needed to witness another fight. Everyone in this group has their own way to reach success, and it certainly is not textbook.

I disagree with Carole’s comment that Ramona shouldn’t be a work in progress at her age. Carole, I’m a work in progress, you’re a work in progress, Ramona is definitively a work in progress--everyone is a work in progress! It’s important for everyone to remember that we are all growing and evolving every day. As friends, we should be supporting each other instead of derailing each other’s point of view that may connect another’s experience. Because I do feel Ramona inspires.

I was glad that Heather approached me to apologize for all of the negativity she has thrown my way. At the end of the day, we should all be wishing each other well instead of constantly double guessing each other. Let’s see if she can follow through and actually stop doubting my business sensibilities so publicly just to reflect back on herself as the one who knows all. At the end of the day, it really doesn’t make a huge impact in my life. I know that my business is alive and well and that I am heading in the right direction. My life, my direction. I have confidence in me, and that’s what’s important. It would just be nice to have a friend’s support and respect.

The Conch Shack was the hot spot in all of Turks and Caicos that night! We all managed to have fun. That’s a miracle for my group of girlfriends. Of course a night wouldn’t be complete without al little drama, so everyone picked on Ramona for going after a man. I have to say the women were all on fire that night! The single ladies smelled blood in the water and they were all ready to find a Caribbean lover. Yes, it was rude of Ramona to ignore everyone else for the man, but come on! Lets let Ramona have a shot? I was happy to let her spread her wings and fly. She needs to practice after her married life. Ramona is very goal oriented which is great in business, but sometimes it doesn’t work out so well in her personal life.

I am so happy with the penthouse arranged by my friends Seth and Omar who own the Gansevoort Resort. It is the top resort in the Carribean for five years running and the food on the balcony was amazing. It was pure luxury and one of the best parts of the trip. It was sweet of Luann to make sure she and I were in a good place after she was sucked into the rumors about me, but I don’t get why she tried to say that the girls were trying to be supportive. That’s just an excuse for bad behaviour. Attacking my character behind my back for pure entertainment is not being supportive. Spreading ugly rumors to the world is not supportive. They really have nothing left to pick on except my tiny weight gain and partying ways. I’m an easy target as the straw that stirs the drink and the event producer of the group. I always have a greaaaat time! Everything they said last year was a lie and never transpired. So time will tell. Nice doesn’t work with these people!


I tried to explain to Luann that I didn’t feel ready to find a serious partner while I was dealing with my lawsuit. I don’t want to be in an partnership when I didn’t feel strong independently.

I’m not looking to be saved. Now that I am out of the woods financially, I am open to finding a serious partner.

At the private dinner at the Gaansevort, the martinis were clearly too dirty for the ladies. It’s hilarious that Heather, Luann, and Dorinda were having an argument about decorum while they were screaming at each in a restaurant. I didn’t write a book about class, but I don’t think that’s good manners. At that point I was just happy to stay out of the fray and for the attention to be off of me. These ladies can get mean when they drink. Everyone can say what they will about my partying, but that dinner is a perfect example of me imbibing and being perfectly fine. I’m cheerful and loving when drinking. Compared to the other women, I was an angel! The proof is in the pudding, and the accusations these girls have been throwing around about me are completely unfounded. Keep watching to see if this dirty martini group can come to a clean ending.

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