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Sonja: Who Put Heather on Safety Patrol?

Sonja thinks that last night in Turks and Caicos was blown out of proportion. 

By Sonja Morgan

Just when you think it’s over, the F–bomb dinner continues. This fight between Heather, Luann, and Dorinda is about what exactly? That we shouldn’t curse? Who are any of these women to tell each other whether or not they can say the F–bomb, or get bombed, or do anything else for that matter?! One of the biggest problems this group of ladies needs to overcome is self-righteousness and the misconception that every argument has a winner and a loser. The fact that we could have had a beautiful elegant dinner that night and instead we ended up causing a scene means that we all lost. Friendship is not about telling others how to behave. Friends accept you the way you are. Yes I do not think that saying that F-bomb left and right is an inelegant way to present yourself, but I also don’t think that it’s my place to tell anyone else how to behave.

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That’s why I get so upset with these women trying to tell me how to run my businesses or how to conduct myself socially. No one has to take responsibility for my behavior except me, so why is everyone else always trying to tell me what to do? It’s exhausting. Until these girls pay my bills, they cannot tell me how to run my life. I know Heather says that she is coming from a place of concern, but I’m still not buying it. Who wants to be on a relaxing vacation and feel like they have Big Brother looking over their should 24/7?! Second guessing your moves?

Who put Heather on safety patrol? She was going on and on about how she felt unsafe and violated when the guy wasn’t even in her room! He was in Bethenny’s old room which was connected to Heather’s room by the bathroom. The whole thing seemed silly to me. We were all safe, nothing was taken, and Ramona and Luann had a good time. But Heather was taking no prisoners. She was upset, and she needed everyone on the trip to hear about it. Well Heather, we all heard and just left it alone. Sometimes it’s better to just not engage with Heather and let her cool off. I had already had enough fighting for one trip, I wasn’t about to fight Ramona or Luann’s battles. The whole time I felt like Ms. Marple trying to piece the clues together as to what happened. A drink here, a drink there, and a man sleeping in the upstairs bedroom. Sounds like an open and shut one-night stand to me.
As I said, Ramona is very green and doesn’t understand how these things are done. But give her a break, everyone. She’s been out of the game for 25 years! She should have walked her gentleman out, like Luann did, or she should have put him on the matelasse outside. Of course this isn’t Luann’s first time at the rodeo, so she isn’t going to get caught with a man sleeping over. Our next trip will just be the single girls taking Ramona out to show her a thing or two.

Was Kristen under the impression that any of the ladies in this group were crafty? Everyone folded after working for five minutes. If the ladies think bedazzling is hard, they should try designing an entire fashion collection! Sonja Morgan New York already has plenty of diamonds, but maybe I’m missing some denim. Maybe someday, but baby steps first, group.
I understand why Luann is upset with Carole and Heather. I was annoyed they barged into my room, too! They obviously weren’t going to catch me with a man since I was dating Dominik. Even though Ramona was supposed to be sharing a room with me, she still managed to get lucky! I for one am relieved that Bethenny left so Ramona had a spare room to explore her single side. Heather doesn’t understand the concept of doors or boundaries. Let’s not forget that she stormed into my house unannounced before we were supposed to go to Atlantic City demanding to speak with me while I was on the phone with my sister whose best friend had just passed away. She also just doesn’t get that some people don’t want to let her into the depths of their personal life. That’s why she had such a problem with Bethenny. I foolishly let Heather into my life, and then she turned around and tried to make a fool out of me. I’ve just decided to disengage. I thought we had both decided that. Until Bethenny wanted to help me. She couldn’t resist and wanted back in. Now Luann and Ramona are seeing what I have been dealing with!

Dorinda was not kidding when she called herself the dragon! Remind me not to piss her off. When she gets angry, she holds onto it. I agree that Dorinda’s anger gets worse when she drinks, but Heather telling Carole and Kristen that Dorinda is a deeply unhappy person that comes out when she drinks is hitting below the belt. Again, Heather, if you were really Dorinda’s friend you would go talk to her instead of always talking behind people’s backs. Dorinda seems to be learning how Heather operates. I’m thankful that I’m not in the fray right now, so I can relax and be my fun-loving self. I feel much more comfortable when I’m not on the defense all the time. Here’s hoping this is a new trend and the ladies have decided to lay off me! Here’s a hint: These ladies never lay off for long. Misery likes company.

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