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Dorinda Medley: Ramona Loves to Be Center Stage

Dorinda thinks Ramona should have left the party the first time she was asked.

By Dorinda Medley
I Never Want to Be in Your Presence Again

Ramona Singer is like a fine wine…she only gets better with time. In theory!

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Here’s the thing, Ramona has her ups and downs with everybody. If anyone’s developed a “brand” on this show, it’s her. You know what you’re going to get, because no matter what, she will either say the wrong thing or say the right thing at the wrong time. We’ve all been through this…even you…. You’ve sat there, jaw dropped, eyes wide, shocked at what she just said or did. We’ve all seen her be a force to be reckoned with, and she’s practically the only one who isn’t aware of it. You had a couple of those moments this episode — one with Luann and another with me. And, sorry, but both were awful to watch AGAIN! Simple as that. And THAT’s why you almost have to swallow it and keep wagging your finger at her, because believe it or not, she almost doesn’t know better. She’s isn’t malicious — though she CAN be spiteful — and she ultimately realizes that she screwed up. It usually comes with an apology that expires within three to four days. Look, ignorance is bliss, as they say, and Ramona is always having a great time. 

I met with Ramona for brunch at my FAVORITE breakfast spot in New York City, Sarabeth’s, and went about it in a very indirect way until she caught on and realized it was really a two-pronged conversation on the state of two of her friendships. There’s her situation with me and John and then her situation with Sonja. Seeing her be reasonable and agree with me on how to best approach the Sonja situation and be mindful of Sonja’s feelings is what made her antics at Madame Paulette the next day so much more sour for me to swallow. It’s almost like she can only be nice to one person at a time…I just don’t understand. And here’s something else I don’t quite understand…

Bethenny Doesn't Want Anything to Do with Sonja

Sonja may have thought it was cute and clever and perhaps she was misled by some of her sidekicks about “Tipsy Girl,” but there has to have come a point when she realized it just wasn’t a smart idea. It was at least worthy of a conversation with her so-called mentor, if she was indeed her so-called mentor. (But was she?) Sonja should’ve known better and considering all she knew about the players involved in this Tipsy vs. Skinny world. It should’ve been clear. But I guess it is what it is, and the learning curve has a downside.

Sonja Is Trying to Get Back to Where She Was

My heart broke watching Sonja tear up about her situation and I get it — we all get it. She wants to get back on track, and you can’t blame her. Bethenny knows that, and I do feel that Bethenny was honest when she said she felt compassion for her. Bring closure to something, respectfully, and then determine where we go next. That’s always served me in my life. (And it’s served me well.)

It’s clear that Bethenny, Sonja and Ramona all walk into a situation with an agenda. Bethenny expressed herself, harshly but directly, and Sonja responded. Sonja’s argument just didn’t hold up. Had it, I think Bethenny would’ve been softer on the landing. Ramona’s agenda was to crash a party I didn’t ask her to attend. Once again, it’s poor manners. And, let’s be honest, if you’re crashing a party to begin with, should you even be anywhere NEAR noticeable? Shouldn’t you stick to the sidelines? Shouldn’t you be quiet as a mouse and almost invisible? Right? Or maybe if you want to snoop around, make a comment, stir the pots, and stoke the fire, you put yourself right in the middle of it. And good old Ramona loves to be center stage. 

This guy Rey was gross. Luann was smart in getting out of there. Ramona shouldn’t have shown up, but she did, and she should’ve probably asked Rey to leave with her if she was so curious. John’s intent was correct but his reactions are just too much. No hands in faces, John. But at the same time, Ramona was so out of line, I couldn’t even understand how this would ever make sense to her…and what’s the use in arguing with her? It’ll lead to another disastrous ending to what should have been a beautiful night featuring Malan Breton’s beautiful designs in Madame Paulette’s windows.

Look, John owns that place and if he asks you to leave, YOU LEAVE. Until Ramona buys Madame Paulette, she has no right to argue, demand, or even walk in — especially since she doesn’t respect or like John. Period! 


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