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Luann de Lesseps: Her Ramemory Fails Her Again

Luann thinks a gift is a gift!

By Luann de Lesseps

Friendships can be complicated, and it’s almost impossible to move forward in a relationship when one person is stuck in the past. This season thus far, Dorinda and Jules are the only ladies who have stayed positive about me. Was I lonely at times this summer? Yes! I had to adjust to changing my large New York City apartment to a smaller one because Noel went off to college. It’s tough having your last child leave the nest. You’d think Bethenny would have realized this and been a little kinder and more inclusive. Friends invite friends. I have a very active social life and tons of friends who don’t talk behind my back every time I turn my back. Do I like being excluded? NOT REALLY!

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Kudos to Dorinda and Jules for staying positive during their tapas with Carole. Dorinda’s decision to keep John away from the girls is smart. That way, he can’t be blamed for everything that goes wrong between her and the other ladies. I was glad to see Carole apologize for the way she acted at Jules' brunch. As for Bethenny’s opinion of their property, if Jules and Michael want to spend the rest of their lives making their home exactly the way the want it, it’s their business.

Ramona and Sonja have been friends for a very long time, and if they focused on everything that happened between them in the past, they wouldn’t be friends today. At least Ramona told Sonja to her face that she was concerned about her partying. Sonja remained calm and wasn’t rude to Ramona; instead she stayed positive except when it came to me. Disappointing to say the least! Ramona’s memory is always fuzzy when it comes to her own escapades. Just because you say it isn’t so doesn’t make it true. As for me holding my alcohol better than Sonja, I’m taller so it takes longer to go to my head!

Ramona Singer Is Concerned for Sonja Morgan

Bethenny is better one on one and there’s no doubt that she can outtalk Jules, but it was Jules’ charming honesty that won the day. She hit a soft spot within Bethenny when she shared that she struggles with an eating disorder as did Bethenny’s mother. Again, when Bethenny allows herself to be vulnerable, she’s very real and sympathetic. She had a tough upbringing and sometimes she pushes people away instead of letting them in. She’d be smart to befriend Jules.

Jules Confides in Bethenny

Ramona’s birthday party became a birthday bashing at least for me anyway! I gave Ramona a necklace from The Countess Collection that I wanted to give her a couple of months ago, but it wasn’t in production. A gift is a gift. How rude. This does not qualify as a re-gift. Her Ramemory fails her again.

Is This Bad Gifting Etiquette?

Obviously Bethenny wasn’t feeling the love, and she was still mad about a party that happened four months ago. I had forgotten about that party, and I obviously didn’t hold a grudge but Bethenny was still chewing on it. Since she loved my Falchi bag, I had one made for her months ago but it wasn’t ready for her birthday. The hula-hoop was just a fun gift I brought to break the ice and I thought her daughter would have fun with it. When Dorinda gave the toast and shared how Ramona called her the day after her husband died and basically ordered her to attend her birthday party, it put everything into perspective for me. Girlfriends are precious, so ladies, keep lunching!   

Until next week, God bless.

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