Luann de Lesseps: I Couldn't Run Away Fast Enough

Luann de Lesseps: I Couldn't Run Away Fast Enough

Luann thinks John was right to throw Ramona out of the party.

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I Never Want to Be in Your Presence Again

In order to find my prince, I’m going to have to kiss some frogs. Running into Rey at John’s party was unfortunate. His obsession with me is very scary, and I knew soon after meeting him it wasn’t going to work. Why would I ever want to date someone who expresses his feelings with such desperate vulgarity? Obviously someone had too much to drink. Not attractive.

I’m grateful that Sonja let me stay with her in her beautiful townhouse. She likes owning in the city, but I’ve decided to rent because I don’t know where life is going to take me with my kids off to college now. I don’t want to be tied down by real estate, and I already have my home in the Hamptons. I’m convinced I’m going to meet Mr. Right and he might whisk me off to another city, so it’s best for me to find a pied de terre until I know what the future holds. 

Sonja is humble about her Prosecco business, and she doesn’t think she’ll be a threat to Bethenny’s Skinnygirl brand. I can see why the name Tipsy Girl is a little too close for comfort for Bethenny. I can’t believe Sonja or her business partners didn’t realize that using the word "girl" would be a problem. Sonja is not a dumb blonde; she is intelligent and her protestation that she didn’t realize the similarity between the name of her wine and Bethenny’s brands is a bit disingenuous. Bethenny may have been harsh on her during their “mentoring” meeting, but Sonja can’t play smart then dumb when it comes to her business. As for Peter, Sonja might want to look elsewhere for investors for her next business venture. If Sonja wants to get into accessories, hopefully she’ll not name it the ____ Collection!

Sushi Roxx is so much fun! The food is great, and the vibe is electric. Why Ramona needed to share what she’d heard about my love life at a mixed table is beyond vulgar. I did go through a dry spell, and now it’s raining men. Wet is good, right? We should have stayed at Sushi Roxx, because John’s party wasn’t the best I’ve ever been to! How did my stalker Rey get invited to this soiree? Or was he invited? I couldn’t run away fast enough, and it’s a good thing I did. He’s trouble and John had to get him out of there. What I found confusing was why Ramona jumped into to defend him. She should have let John remove him from the scene before he could mess with any other partygoers. John putting his hand in Ramona’s face was wrong, but he was right to throw her out. Dorinda said it wasn’t that his actions weren’t correct, it was that his reaction was incorrect. She decided to flee this scene as well. Good choice!

Jules Wainstein Expects a Lot from Her Nanny

I hope that Jules finds a nanny who is a bilingual part-time fashion stylist. Good luck with that!  

Until next week, God bless.

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