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Style & Living The Real Housewives of New York City

Jessel Taank's Husband Pavit Reveals His Top Street Food Spots in New York City

Pavit is the self-proclaimed President of the Street Food Association, after all, as seen on a recent RHONY episode.

By Jax Miller

Social media is lighting up since Pavit Randhawa, spouse of The Real Housewives of New York City’s Jessel Taank, has declared himself the President of the Street Food Association of NYC.

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As avid fans know, the food theme is ever-present in RHONY Season 14, especially given Cheese-Gate, restaurant drama, and a "constantly hungry" Sai De Silva. Now, Pavit's giving us more food for thought.

Is Pavit Part of the Street Food Association?

In the Season 14, Episode 6 Episode, Jessel and Pavit discussed sending their 2-year-old toddler twins, Kai and Rio, to one of two upscale pre-schools, one of which would cost a whopping $62,000.

Pavit, ever the pragmatic, found it “ridiculous” for the boys to learn how to speak Mandarin when “at the same time, they can barely speak English right now.”

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Jessel tried convincing Pavit to let the boys go, boasting how one school had global campuses while the other had pupils born to A-list celebrities, including Tom Cruise.

Photo of Jessel Taank and her husband Pavit Randhawa

“Are you crazy?” Pavit asked Jessel. “$62,000 for what, coloring?”

Jessel said the tuition covered materials, snacks, and field trips, as well as an iPad and Apple Mac, though Pavit couldn’t see the justification. Jessel, on the other hand, said he had to invest in the kids’ future before the applications were due in two weeks’ time.

“In New York, where you go to school is your status,” Jessel told RHONY producers. “He doesn’t see it like that. Pavit thinks in dollars. His Google is ‘cheapest, best’ for everything or ‘best, cheapest’ for everything. But you cannot get the best if you’re cheap.”

Jessel continued to sell Pavit on the idea, and when looking over one of the school’s websites, noted how parents were asked to list any boards or associations to which they belong.

“Are you part of anything? Except for, like, the fried chicken committee?”

To himself, Pavit humorously corrected Jessel, stating, “It’s the Street Food Association of New York City.”

What is the Street Food Association of New York City?

Not to be confused with the New York Food Truck Association, Pavit proudly considers himself the President of the Street Food Association of New York City, as seen on his Insta. Not much exists about the company, though a quick glance shows the jet-setting Pavit is also a foodie (much like the RHONY Housewives).

Previous Instagram posts include eating $3 breakfasts in the Vietnamese capital, trying caviar while drinking champagne first-class, hanging at noodle bars in the morning, and tasting shawarma dishes in the city of angels.

Believe us; there are plenty more mouth-watering posts where that came from, and they’re all picture-perfect.

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On Monday, Aug. 21, 2023, just one day after RHONY Season 14, Episode 6 aired, Pavit returned to Instagram, stating, “I bring to you my Top 10 Street Food Joints in NYC,” accompanied by taco, pizza, and burrito emojis.

The video shows Pavit’s cropped head in the corner of the screen, adding commentary as screengrabs of the eateries and their dishes appear.

Jessel Taank Children Update

RHONY cast members were quick to jump on Pavit’s post, including Brynn Whitfield, who commented with “My BOIII” and several clap emojis.

Pavit’s Top 10 Street Foods in New York City

In no particular order, Pavit first took viewers for some Mexican cuisine, starting with Birria Landia. The food truck — which has several locations, including in Brooklyn and the Bronx — is known for its birria, a festive meaty stew commonly cooked with beef or goat originating from the Jalisco state of Mexico.

Pavit says Birria Landia has “some of the most authentic, juiciest, delicious birria you’ll find outside Mexico.”

Next, Pavit chose Los Taco No. 1, a taqueria with several locations, including a stall at Manhattan’s Chelsea Market (the same neighborhood where Pavit and Jessel live). He noted their al pastor (pork) tacos were “definitely worth the visit.”

Next up, Pavit pivoted to Mido’s, a halal food truck on 6th Ave and popular among tried-and-true New Yorkers.

“The rice is on point, [and] the chicken is juicy,” Pavit said.

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Pavit then took viewers to Mamoun’s Falafel, whose New York locations have been “a staple for years,” according to the foodie. Their falafel and shawarma sandwiches are “reasonably priced” and “delicious,” and, most notably, they have their own brand of bottled hot sauce.

Erin Lichy commented on Pavit’s post, “Love Momouns!!!”

Union Square’s Tariq’s Halal Cart was another one of Pavit’s favs.

“This place has one thing, and one thing only: biriyani.”

Of course, biriyani — a rice dish commonly found in Iran — isn’t its only dish, but Pavit suggests customers request extra green sauce.

Pavit then veers off to one of the city’s signature dishes: pizza, introducing viewers to Scarr’s Pizzeria.

Pavit says Scarr’s is “the best” for a slice or pie and suggests the N.Y. Classic or the Hot Boy Pepperoni. However, should you crave something more deep dish, look no further than Prince Street Pizza, which offers Pavit’s favorite pizza in New York.

For his eighth pick, Pavit hails Cheong Fun’s food cart, “just like you’d find in the streets of Hong Kong.” Its noodles are a “must-try” in Chinatown, as is Chelsea Market’s Very Fresh Noodles, which offers hand-pulled Chinese Dandan noodles.

“I really think it’s one of my favorite dishes in, actually, all of New York City,” Pavit stated.

Last but not least, Pavit said foodies are good to try Banh Mi Saigon, which has what he calls New York’s best Banh Mis (the Vietnamese version of what New Yorkers call a hero).

We admit, these may be better choices than including carrot sticks in your champagne.

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