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Lizzie: My Heart Still Aches for Vicki

Lizzie opens up about Vicki's tragedy and trying to find the silver lining during this devastating time.

By Lizzie Rovsek

Happy Monday everyone!! These last few weeks have been a whirlwind for me with everything going on with Miss USA. I'm leaving Baton Rouge today and heading back to Kentucky to see my little boys. All politics aside, what an amazing group of young women! I feel so fortunate to have met them and worked with all of them. I hope you got a chance to see Miss USA last night. I thought it was a great show and was honored to have my swimsuits on stage as the Official swimwear of Miss USA 2015. Congratulations Olivia Jordan, the new Miss USA!

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Now, onto tonight's episode. 

I was absolutely heartbroken for Vicki on hearing of her mother's passing. It's really something that hits home to everyone. The last thing anyone wants to think about is losing your mom. It's something that is fated to happen to all of us at some point and something that can never come at a good time. 

The night of the Bunco party I was home with a broken rib, days before I slipped and fell and broke one of my ribs. This was the first time I ever broke a bone and I don't know how ribs are in relation to breaking other bones in your body, but wow. It was quite possibly the worst physical pain I have ever experienced, worse than childbirth. Anyway, the morning after the bunco party I received a phone call from Shannon and she shared the sad news of Vicki's mother passing. My first thought was, 'How much more can she take? Her boyfriend has cancer and now her mom is gone.'  My heart literally broke for the weight that my friend held on her shoulders and in her heart.

Remembering Vicki's Mom

It was nice to catch up with Heather for lunch. Listening to Heather describe the sorrows from Vicki first hearing about her mother at the bunco party really brought the realness of what had happened to light. At the end of the day, all of the petty things we argue about, the silly things that upset us, none of it really matters. This is what matters: people in our lives, our families, and our loved ones. And our sweet friend Vicki would never see her mother again. I was crushed for her.

Tamra's a Grandmother!

I like to believe that I'm a glass half-full type of person and always strive to look for the silver lining. When my grandmother passed away a year and half ago, days before her 95th birthday, I watched my mother grieve over her mother. It was one of the most heartwrenching things to see. It is such a heavy loss on our souls to lose people we love. Days later, my sister gave birth to my nephew Ben. A death and a birth. Hearing that Tamra's granddaughter Ava was born on the day Vicki laid her mother to rest was a rainbow amidst this storm. There you have the silver lining. Life is ironic like that. That's life, made up of the most beautiful days and most sorrowful days. We are blessed to have these days; the good and the bad. My heart still aches for Vicki because I know she is still hurting and reliving it again. I think it's so beautiful that so many people have shown their support for her.

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